A Spring In Your Step

Spring sure is on its way, I can just about see it around the corner therefore I find it perfectly apt to pick out my favourite spring nail polishes from my collection.

My first choice was the Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish in the shade ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’. This is to me a gorgeous transitional colour from winter to spring with hints of grey within the pastel lilac shade. Of course for me no nail polish feature is ever quite complete without including some Barry M polishes, three of which made it into this spring edit. Firstly I picked out ‘Blue Moon’ which is a rather cool pastel blue, this shade belongs to my sister but I just had to include it as I’ve already become quite the fan. 

Next up I chose one of my favourite Barry M shades ‘Strawberry’ which is a really nice soft pink. This looks really pretty on and has been a firm favourite of mine for a rather long time now. Barry M ‘Peach Melba’ is also really pretty on; I do however think that it looks a touch lighter once applied than it does in the image above. It’s certainly one to bear in mind if you like your peach and orange shades. My last choice had to be a mint green as I can’t help but think of mint choc chip ice cream when I use these shades. Boycotting the trend of Essie Mint Candy Apple I went for the Maybelline Forever Strong nail polish in ‘Mint for Life’ which is beautiful to wear.

Rimmel and Maybelline are not cruelty free brands.