Blogging Daily: My Experience

Blogging Daily: My Experience

Throughout March I found myself blogging on a daily basis, in my head it was down as ‘Marathon March’ and boy did it feel like it. This was something that I wanted to try out because throughout my two years writing on A Little Boat Sailing I had never published work for an entire week, let alone for a month. Some of my favourite bloggers upload brand new content on a daily basis that myself and others can enjoy so I thought that I would give it a try myself.

Originally with the idea fresh in my mind everything seemed to run nice and smoothly. I took a week’s worth of photographs at the end of February and thought that I would easily be able to keep on top of that each weekend. That same weekend I wrote and scheduled the corresponding posts for said photographs which I have to say left me feeling pretty smug with seven posts marked as scheduled. Things however didn’t remain as organised as I had originally hoped due to work commitments, home life and general day to day things that sometimes just get in the way of our plans.

Late evening was the time where I planned posts because during the day I would either spend my time working, taking photographs, house work and various other bits and bobs as well as researching my university courses for this coming September. I found that often I would change my original schedule in my planner due to wanting certain posts for certain days which on a number of occasions left me with last minute posts to write for the next day which wasn’t ideal.

If I have learnt anything from this experience I would say that it has highlighted to me that my organisation skills are not as good as they once were. Since graduating from university my organisation has slipped quite considerably, I still make lists and plans but I don’t stick to them like I once did. I’ve also learnt that on a whole producing new content on a daily basis was something that I turned out not to enjoy. Looking back I think some of my posts were a bit poor and could have easily have been so much better if I had been more organised and planned them out over time. I feel bad about that because I want people to enjoy what they read when they visit my blog; I really hope that on a whole people still enjoyed visiting throughout March.

I enjoy writing and producing new content for my blog but for me new content on a daily basis is something that I doubt I will consider again for a while. Producing new content for me became stressful and took a huge amount of enjoyment out of something that I absolutely love doing. Luckily this really only started to happen in the last week or so therefore I kept on plodding along in order to finish my original aim. I guess it hasn’t helped that I’m generally feeling really run down at the moment, I’m tired all of the time due to lack of sleep, stress and various other worries; in hindsight blogging daily wasn’t the best decision I could have made for myself at this moment in time.

Overall I’m pleased that I have completed my little challenge as it has allowed me to have a little taster of what I guess it would be like to do this as a job. Whilst I adore blogging I highly doubt that it would be a career for me (not that it would ever have been anyway) I’ve never spent so much time at a desk and pc in my life which has left me going a little bit stir crazy. During March I never managed to find a balance between my job, my blog and my life outside of those two things; I know that deep down The Vampire Diaries and Netflix did not help my cause either Perhaps one day I will try it again once my job is more regular or once I’m in a better place emotionally, perhaps the second time around I will have learnt from the mistakes that I made this time round and who knows maybe next time I will really enjoy it.