Blogs I read #4

Once again Sunday is here, a day of spending time with your family, the best meal of the week and general relaxation. Following on in my little series that features the blogs I read I’m bringing you round four which features four more fantastic blogs that I wish to share with you all today. I thought you could all sit back with your feet up and perhaps discover a new blog to follow this weekend.

Coco from The Beauty Milk is utterly beautiful and features some really lovely make up tutorials on both her blog and YouTube account. Her blog has lots of different make up brands both high end and low end so that there is always something for everyone no matter the budget. I personally really like her blog as there are lots of different brands on there, some of which are only available in the USA. However never fear beauty addicts because Sephora now ships to the UK, rejoice! I’ll be stalking Coco’s blog for USA products even more than before.

Next up I would like to mention LaaLaa from Dolce Vanity who has incredible hair and a really lovely personality to boot. I watched one of her videos recently which was the TMI Tag and she really struck a chord with me, she’s the kind of girl that I would be friends with if I knew her properly. Her recent Patrick’s Day Make Up Tutorial was really great and has ever since made me want to dig out my glitter eye shadow.

Jennypurr as the name would suggest is run by a beautiful lady called Jenny. I can’t quite remember when I first stumbled upon Jenny’s blog, all I know is that ever since it has been a daily visit for me. Full of beautiful pictures and honest reviews Jenny has become one of my all-time favourite bloggers. One of the things I really like about her blog is that she puts so much time and effort into it and this really does show, it’s also so lovely that she takes the time to reply to every single one of us that leaves her a comment.

I conclude this post with a mention to one of the most bubbly and friendly bloggers that I have come across. Caroline from Burkatron is so full of life and energy; to me she is a little ray of sunshine within the blogging community. Her blog is one of the very first I stumbled across when I first started blogging two years ago and is still one that I get excited about reading today.

All of these ladies above inspire me in so many different ways, be sure to check them out. For further inspiration check out the lovely ladies that I have featured in the first three installments of this series.

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