February Overview

February was a tough one for me when it came to blogging, I felt tired and had more than a few instances of lacking motivation that I think has probably hit us all at some point. I felt as though whatever I did just wasn’t quite good enough on here, that my pictures were horrible and that I just couldn’t get across my reviews in the way that I wanted to; I’m still working on my writing style as I’m not very happy with it at the moment. I feel repetitive and unoriginal and that’s not how I want to come across, do you sometimes get like that?

Anyway, to sum up that little story I’m rather pleased to see the back of February to be honest; roll on March I say! I’ve already spotted the snow drops at the bottom of my garden and we’re now starting to see some beautiful fresh sunny days so things hopefully should soon be on the up.

To summarise February over on my blog I have picked out just a few of my favourite posts along with some that went down well with all of you. Thank you all for the kind words you have left over this month, particularly on my Orthodontics post as that was a scary one for me to publish. Of course I always publish one of my favourite posts each month which is where I share with you four of my favourite blogs to read. I was overwhelmed by the response that you all left, what a lovely lot you all are! It’s a pure pleasure to be a part of this blogging community, albeit a small part at that.

From low end to high end I also featured some of my favourite eye shadows this month. Taking a look at the Rimmel Eye Shadow Paints was a hit with you all and rightly so, those eye shadows are amazing! At the higher end of the scale I also looked at a quad from Bobbi Brown which was my first delve into the brand leaving me super impressed.

Whilst it is very easy to fall into the trap of the new products that are released I think we would all find ourselves rather lost without a few beauty necessities. Take a look at my beauty essentials post to see what I rely on the most.

Thank you for all of your continued support everybody.