Hilary’s Craft Competition Entry

A few weeks ago I decided to take part in the Hilary’s Craft Competition which I first found out about from Caroline’s blog over at Burkatron. In order to take part all you had to do was apply and pick out which fabric you wanted out of a selection of four that would then be sent out to you in order to create something at home.

For my entry I decided to create a vintage style rabbit cuddly toy therefore I opted for the Bird Parade Teal fabric because I thought that this would help achieve the look that I was going for.  After browsing online for a general idea on how to make something like this I then proceeded to draw out my various shapes on to the fabric for the different body sections that I would need. After a total of four arms, legs, ears and body panels as well as three head pieces later I was ready to cut everything out.

Sewing everything together proved to be a bit of a challenge because I hardly ever sew therefore my technique was rather poor. Due to my fabric having a pattern on it I had to ensure that I sewed the pattern inwards so that I could then turn the sewed together sections inside out in order to keep the stitching hidden on the inside; I got this wrong on several occasions and had to restart!

Once all of the arms and legs had been sewn together as well as the ears it was time to tackle the body and head. The head was probably the trickiest part but I finally managed to get there in the end with a little bit of guidance from my mum. Once his ears had been slotted into place it was actually rather nice to see it all coming together; I could finally see what it was supposed to be rather than just a lump of badly sewn material. To fill my rabbit out and make him nice and cuddly I used the inside of an old pillow that we had lying around the house. For his eyes I used some random buttons that were in the sewing tin, I’m sure nobody will miss them. 

Overall I did quite enjoy making my rabbit I just wish he looked a bit friendlier. I think he has somewhat of a sinister look on him therefore I may have to remove him from the end of my bed tonight before I go to sleep.

What do you think?