International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was something that I wasn’t really very aware of until this year. Being a woman myself I’m quite ashamed to say that really however I’ve been educating myself a little bit more on it over the last few days and decided to do a little post today in acknowledgement of it.

The celebration of International Women’s Day is held each year on March 8th in many countries across the globe. The celebration of women ranges from general attitudes of respect and love to recognition of social, political and educational achievements. Dating back to the beginning of the 20th Century there have been many events which have helped to promote the rights of women around the world. For example in New York City 1908, 15,000 women marched in demand for the right to vote, better pay and shorter working hours. Can you imagine if an event of that scale and sheer number was to happen today?

For those closer to home in the UK one should hope that we are all at least aware of the Suffragettes and Suffragists. Delving back into GCSE History here one group of course was far more radical than the other yet they both had the same goal of trying to achieve equality for women. It may shock you to know that women in the UK only achieved the right to vote on the same equal terms of men in 1928 which was just 86 years ago.

Years and years of hard work and dedication by past generations of women have helped to give many of us the lifestyle that we have today. Women can now be found in many roles which would have been unheard of less than 100 years ago, roles ranging from the government to the armed forces; some have even been the leaders of their country. Women in the 21st Century are celebrated for their achievements more than ever before; therefore it could easily be forgiven to believe that women have fully achieved equality. There is no denying that the conditions for women have dramatically improved in many countries however there are still many incidents where this is sadly not the case.

One area in which there is a huge inequality balance between girls and boys is education. This is something that I feel really passionate about as it’s something that I believe everybody should have the opportunity to undertake. It is a given fact that an education helps people to rise out of poverty, it also provides confidence and self-worth; I believe this is true no matter what country you live in. A recent campaign I have discovered through my interest in beauty has been Girl Rising which has been heavily promoted by Bobbi Brown. Girl Rising is a global campaign that is helping to promote the education of girls across the globe. Sharing the simple truth that educating girls can transform societies Girl Rising aims to help break down the barriers such as sex trafficking, early marriage and gender based violence which prevents girls receiving the same education as boys. I encourage anybody who is reading this to take a look at the trailer for Girl Rising which features nine young girls who overcome the odds in order to pursue their dreams; just the trailer alone is pretty inspiring.

You can support this campaign through purchasing the Bobbi Brown ‘Pretty Powerful Mascara‘ whereby all the money made from each sale will go towards the Pretty Powerful Campaign founded by Bobbi Brown herself. This campaign helps to support a variety of organizations around the world which helps to support young women with their education.

There is no denying that the conditions for women have dramatically improved in many countries however there is still greater room for improvement both at home and abroad. Shocking facts are a stark reminder that equality for women still has a long way to go.

  • Globally, about one in three women will be beaten or raped during their lifetime.
  • Roughly 44 per cent of all UK women have experienced either physical or sexual violence since they were 15-years-old. Britain ranks among the worst countries in Europe when it comes to women being violently abused.
  • Over 130 million women living in the world today have undergone Female Genital Mutilation.
  • An estimated 1.2m children are trafficked into slavery each year; 80 per cent are girls.
  • In the UK, the gender pay gap stands at 15%, with women on average earning £5,000 less a year than their male colleagues. The disparity is even greater in part time jobs, going up to 35 per cent.
  • 65 million girls around the world do not attend school.

This post was pretty long today, I hope those who managed to reach the end found it to be of an interesting and thought provoking read. I know I stayed up pretty late researching far beyond the information needed for me to write this post. Please leave your thoughts below on this one, I’d really appreciate it.

*The facts I have stated here have come from a few online sources which can be found in the links above.