Pandora Mother’s Day Jewellery Collection

This Sunday is Mother’s Day as I’m sure you’re all aware, therefore in order to celebrate Pandora is giving you the chance to win a charm from the new Pandora Mother’s Day Jewellery Collection as seen above. This collection is so beautiful; I only wish I could treat my mum to everything from it as she deserves something just as special as she is. In order for you to enter and stand a chance at winning one of the charms from the collection all you have to do is write in the comments below the sweetest thing that you have ever done for your mother. The competition will close on Friday 28th March and the lucky winner will be announced on Sunday 30th March; you’ve only a few days to enter so don’t forget to leave a comment below.

This year has been the first real year where roles between me and my mum were reversed. I had to take care of my mum instead of it being the other way around. We of course always look out for each other and are very close but up until now it’s always been my mum who is the strong one if that makes sense. I’m lucky in that in the past my mum has been healthy and has never been poorly, however in late 2012 she started to develop a bad shoulder which affected her doing lots of things, particularly driving which was vital for her line of work. I was away at university for the majority of the time however when I came back I knew it wouldn’t be long until she had to have an operation. 

Since before the operation and after I have being caring for my mum a lot more than I would of had to in usual every day circumstances. Simple trivial things such as hovering up, loading the dishwasher, cooking and driving her to the doctors to more important things like helping her to dress and to wash her hair. Having her arm in a sling posed quite an issue when she wanted to put on her big heavy jumpers let me tell you! It’s a bit of an odd one to be writing this on here as I never really talk about home much on my blog. Yet I guess that this is an appropriate post to mention it on and of course they are all nice things to do, however they’re also very natural things for me to do too; I love my mum and would do anything for her. This year really showed me what it was like to have somebody I care about so much go through something a little bit out of the ordinary. It was scary saying good bye to her at the hospital before she went under for her operation, I knew she would be OK and that she was in good hands but I have to say it’s not a feeling that I want to have to have again in a very long time.

This Mother’s Day I will be treating my Mum extra special, she means so much to me and has had a bit of a bad start to the year. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon and will be back to how she was before, I’m sure some chocolate and flowers will cheer her up on Sunday. So there we have it, perhaps not exactly the sweetest thing I have ever done for my mum but overall maybe the kindest and most caring.

Please remember to leave a comment below stating the sweetest thing you have done for your mum if you wish to enter the competition. I’m not being sponsored in any way for this post for clarification, I was merely contacted about it earlier on today and thought that some of you would like the opportunity to enter it, who can say no to Pandora?

Please note that this competition is now closed.

The competition will close on Friday 28th March and the lucky winner will be announced on Sunday 30th March. Find your nearest Pandora store here. I won’t be selecting the winner as that will be down to Pandora, I’m just a friendly messenger!