Pretty Pastels

The pastel trend seems to be once again a bit of a hit so far this season. I’ve already spotted some beautiful clothes and accessories hitting the shops up town and cannot wait to see what else will be coming out in the next few weeks. Some of my favourite items that I have seen have been bags therefore I thought I would pick out just a few to share with you.

First up is the Peacocks Large Block Coloured Satchel Bag  in a two toned pink which in some way I would argue is on the verge of peach. Either way for me this bag is pretty stunning; with it retailing at just £15 I think it is a complete bargain. It’s also worth mentioning that this comes in green too which is actually my personal preference of the two however for some reason it hasn’t made it to the online site yet. If you have a local store by you it’s worth checking out. *Update, the green version is now available online.

My second choice was the ASOS Concertina Satchel Bag which retails for £30. I picked this one out as I think it’s really pretty and quite typical of the pastel trend, girly and youthful. I think that the same can be applied to the Accessorize Pippa Double Pocket Lady Bag which is a little bit more expensive at £42 and is of course blue as opposed to pale pink. Personally I think this bag from Accessorize is a bit more grown up; I think it would be perfect for a day out with friends.

The Pieces Patricia Satchel Bag is one that I stumbled upon whilst browsing ASOS a few weeks ago and ever since then it has remained in the back of my mind. The light shade of grey here is beautiful and one that I think works really well with this time of year. The last bag I chose for this little feature was the Dorothy Perkins Mint Half Moon Bowler; of course I couldn’t do a post about pastels without featuring mint of some description. Personally the shape of this bag isn’t completely to my taste as I tend to prefer my bags with a longer strap so that I can wear them at the side however overall I think the shade of this is gorgeous. Can you please make a satchel in this colour Dorothy Perkins? Pretty please with sugar on top!