Rimmel Brixton Brown Palette

Rimmel Brixton Brown

It’s always a little bit risky to follow blogger hype in my experience; generally I find hype to be warranted however there have been a few occasions where products just simply haven’t worked for me. The most recent product that has failed to grab my attention has been the Rimmel Brixton Brown HD Eye Shadow Palette which I picked up earlier on this year. 

There had been some really positive things mentioned about this palette so I thought I would pick it up and give it a try. Retailing at £6.99 I think this price is slightly creeping up towards being a little expensive for a high street eye shadow palette however I have to say from first glance everything about it appeals to me. There is a nice selection of neutral shades with a little added addition of something a bit different which helps to mix up the palette a bit. The offering of a deep rich cranberry shade alongside the neutrals is something which I appreciate with a palette such as this as it’s nice to be able to experiment a little bit, or at least have that option.

Upon using this palette I have however been left quite disappointed despite my first impressions of it. The shades feel really rather hard in the packaging and do not transfer onto the skin very well at all. The pigmentation isn’t fantastic in my experience; however some shades are better than others. For instance the top right hand shade will prove to be a nice little highlighter for the inner corner or even the brow bone so I will continue to use that particular shade.

I’ve also struggled to get these to blend out nicely as they just seemed to be really hard work compared to my other powder eye shadows. Upon reflection I do wonder if I have been a little bit spoilt perhaps by my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette as those are the powder shadows I use most frequently, they are just so much better but of course what do you expect considering the price difference? 

I do however think that Rimmel could have worked better on this as personally I have had much better results from the likes of MUA and Sleek which have given me double the amount of shades with better pigmentation and application. Overall I’ve been left rather unimpressed by this palette. If you have tried this then please let me know your impressions and thoughts. Maybe I picked up a dud.

*Rimmel is not a cruelty free brand.