The Blogger Love Tag

Source: ‘We Heart It‘ edited by me.

1. What was the first blog you ever came across?

I’d be lying here if I said I could remember which blog it was that I first came across, that was nearly two years ago! I do however know some of the ones I have being following for the longest, those being BurkatronFlirting With Fashion and Sleep and Water.

2.  Favourite blog reads. 

My favourite reads list seems to grow day by day; there are so many bloggers these days that it’s easy to stumble across a blog you haven’t read before. Some of my favourite reads are Sleep and Water, Burkatron,  Jennypurr, Sailor Jennie, The Celution, From Roses, The Little Magpie and A Rosie Outlook. These are all fantastic bloggers with blogs that focus on a variety of things that include fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. Make sure you have a cheeky browse for an hour…maybe two.

3.  Best blogging friend.

My best blogging friends are internet based only as sadly I haven’t been able to meet any of them, here is hoping I get to one day. I would certainly class Kirsty, Celina, GraceJennie, Jordan and Jenny as some of the nicest bloggers that I have spoken to since I started my blog. They’re all super lovely girls of whom I feel that if I had met them outside of blogging we would get on really well.

4.  Name a blog that enables your purchases.

Essiebutton hands down! I’m also easily influenced by Jennypurr and The Sunday Girl. The Little Magpie could easily make me buy a leather jump suit if she wore one! Sadly I forget I’m not Amy (hmm) and have to remember that what looks amazing on her may not look so good on me, darn!

5.  Five blogs everyone should be reading.

Five of the blogs that I think you should be reading now are Charmed Charlee, Miss Sunshine and Sparkle, Thumbelina Lillie, Dolce Vanity, What A Little Pickle. These are all wonderful blogs that again focus mainly on fashion and beauty. There are some beautiful pictures to be seen and wonderful reviews to be read from them. A special mention there to my sisters blog What A Little Pickle as she is trying to get her blogging mojo back!

6. Your favourite way to read blogs.

These days I’m rather partial to bloglovin as I can use this to keep track of the posts I have read and the ones I still have yet to read. I also use the bloglovin app on my phone which is super handy as I tend to browse that in the morning and go back and leave comments later on in the evening when I have a bit more time. GFC these days seems to have lost popularity however it’s always nice to see that number rise a little bit more, I do think though that bloglovin is most certainly the way forward.

7.  Bloggers that inspire you.

There are so many blogs that inspire me, from writing style, photography, fitness and to cooking in the kitchen. I could quite literally write a whole post dedicated to that; now there’s an idea! Special mentions would have to go to Lips So Facto, Ghostparties, What Olivia Did and Miss Jayne Becca.

8.  Favourite blog design/look.

Blog design is something I’m extremely interested in and would love to dabble in it a little bit more myself. There are so many beautiful blogs these days that it is hard to decide which ones are my favourites therefore I picked out just a couple here that stand out to me: From The Moon, Daisy Butter, Unobserved and The Private Life Of A Girl.

9.  What is your favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite aspect about blogging most certainly has to be the community. Luckily so far my experience has been so positive; everybody I’ve spoken to has been wonderful, helpful and supportive when I’ve needed it which unfortunately has been quite a bit over the last six months. It’s an odd thing to have to say that blogging has ‘saved you’, perhaps some won’t quite understand but when things get really tough which they have been of late it really has been my blog here that has kept me going.

One of my other favourite things about blogging has to be from a design aspect. I’ve always had a passion for design, whether it is painting, drawing or photography yet decided not to peruse this as a career as I tried to be ‘sensible’ when choosing a degree path. I really regret not perusing that line of work now in hind sight but I can’t turn back the clock (Bernard’s watch would be so handy right now). Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed my degree but it lacked that arty element that I always enjoyed at school therefore I guess in some way my blog is a guilty pleasure. I can work on pictures to get them to look nice, I can edit and use filters and fulfil my enjoyment of art in that way. This year I really would like to start drawing again, I just need to get in the zone.

10.  Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future!

Terri Lowe, she’s hilarious!

I hope you liked this tag and that you have discovered some new reads. You are all now officially tagged…that’s what you get for sticking around long enough to read until the end; let me know if you take part.