April Overview

April followed on from a busy blogging month for me so it was nice to settle back down into a more laid back approach when it came to publishing content. Originally I had intended to take a break from blogging however in the end I just found that I couldn’t stay away. I enjoy blogging so much and really look forward to sitting down and writing about the latest skincare I’m using or my most recent purchases or fashion finds.

This April I posted about a few different things so thought I would share with you four of my favourite posts from this month. There are of course quite a few more so do check some of the others out if you’re popping along for a catch up.

My most popular post this month most certainly goes to my feature of the NARSissist Palette which I had intended to post about sooner however things just got a little hectic my end. Better late than never though as you all seemed to really like the look of it. Just the other day I posted about a much more affordable product with that being the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer, this product left me extremely impressed with a resounding conclusion that for once the hype was completely justified.

During April you also had a little peek into my small jewellery collection where I posted about a few of my favourite trinkets. Whilst jewellery is one of my favourite things I also like to take extra care of my skin at night using Origins Night A Mins which I did a whole review on simply dedicated to that product.

How was your April?