Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.

Being quite the fan of beauty this means that I tend to try quite an array of products from a variety of different brands. Whether they are cheaper high street brands or more luxurious and indeed expensive this means that I never really find myself using the same thing more than once. This is something that I have noticed over the past year and is something I’m slowly starting to rectify, I’d like to have a much more consistent routine if perfectly I’m honest.

Therefore when it comes down to repurchasing products I know that when I do it is because I have truly enjoyed using them. I’ve five items here that I have repurchased, some are new and some are old yet all of them have worked their way into my life where I would find it rather sad if were ever to part. First up is the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser which at just £4.99 for 200ml this is a beauty bargain not to be missed. It’s a fantastic product that leaves my skin feeling really nice and clean, it’s super gentle and is a pure pleasure to use; this will be in my 2014 favourites for sure. My next product I have repurchased has been the much hyped about Hydraluron from Indeed Labs which helps to keep my skin feeling a much more hydrated as I’m prone to suffering from dehydration. In hindsight (I repurchased this about five months ago) I probably should have looked into simply drinking more water before buying this again.

Two of the newest releases at present have also been products that I’ve taken a fancy to. The revamped La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + has been a fundamental product within my skincare routine of late with this only confirming itself to me the last two weeks where I stopped using it to trial something else out. Needless to say my skin is looking a little worse for wear at the moment so tonight this handy serum will be going straight back onto my face. The Garnier Micellar Water which came out a month or so ago has been pretty popular online, a cheaper alternative to Bioderma perhaps? After trying the two out I must confess that in my opinion they are pretty similar, the Garnier version however pips it to the post for me due to how easy it is to find, price point and the fact that to me it works just as well as the more expensive offering.

Out of all the products I buy over the year the most repurchased item hands down has to be dry shampoo. I’m not quite sure how I ever got by without Batiste Dry Shampoo yet it has been a full-fledged romance ever since that first spray. My favourite scent was the ‘lace’ version however much to my displeasure this was discontinued late last year; luckily the ‘oriental’ version is pretty nice too and seems to be almost the same.

When I sit down and think about it’s not that often I will repurchase a product. What about you?