Nail Care 101

When it comes to having nice nails I have to hold my hands up and admit that I’m a complete and utter failure in this department. Years and years of biting my nails have left me with really brittle and weak nails that take forever to grow. Every new year my resolution will be to stop biting my nails which these days I must admit I do tend to do quite well with up until I hit a high period of stress and worry which for me seems to be all the time recently. 

At the moment I’m once again trying to grow my nails to a passable length so that I can keep wearing pretty nail polishes. In order to do this I have being using on occasion the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover which is a gel like texture that helps to dissolve any over grown cuticles. I also use cuticle sticks to gently push back my cuticles always ensuring that I have soaked them before hand so that they are nice and soft. Pushing back hard cuticles can be a little bit scary as there is a tendency to slip, this will make your cuticles quite sore and rather red so it is best to prepare them before hand. Any excess cuticles can simply be removed with a cuticle timmer as shown above however in all honesty I rarely need to use mine.

The most recent addition to my nail care routine has been the Dr LeWinns Renunail Sensitive Nail Strengthener* which is a little bit like OPI Nail Envy only cheaper whereby you apply it for four days and then remove it and repeat for a total of three treatments. So far I’ve noticed that my nails do seem stronger since I started using this so it has become a most welcome addition into my nail care routine. Application is nice and smooth with the overall finish being really quite natural as it is nude in shade.

Once I have painted my nails with my chosen shade of choice Barry M Grapefruit I then pop on a bit of the Nailtiques Cuticle and Skin Gel* which has become my favourite product of this type to date. In the past I’ve used similar products however they have always been a little too greasy taking a long time to sink in however the Natiltiques Cuticle Gel has been a pure pleasure to use. Sinking in quickly and being so smooth in texture this product has helped to improve the appearance of my cuticles which were looking so neglected. The gel also helps to repair broken skin which is something that comes in handy as I’m always scuffing my hands and nails at work.

Other than these simple actions I do believe that growing your nails really is down to will power alone if you’re a nail biter. I have over time tried so many things, this time it is down to me.

What do you use to look after your nails? Nail growth tips are most welcome!

*PR Samples.