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At the moment there are not many things that I can honestly say I’m proud or excited about because in all honesty I’m in a little bit of a rut and find myself really struggling at the moment with one thing and another therefore when little opportunities arise I can’t help but want to share them with you guys; it’s nice to have good news for a change.

Back in May I received a really exciting email from Rosie who writes over at Cider With Rosie of which I’m sure you have all heard of. It was a little surreal as she is a blogger who I really look up to and most certainly admire therefore to hear the kind words she had to say about my little space on the internet made me incredibly happy. An invitation from her to be featured within the ‘In The Spotlight’ section of Blogopshere Magazine was more than I could have ever imagined so of course I jumped at the chance; thank you so much Rosie!

Within the fourth issue there is a little interview with myself carried out by Rosie along with Jessica from Gingerly Pale and Rocio from Let It Be Cosy which can all be read within the print version or of course the e book version of the magazine. The magazine of course features so many other amazing bloggers which fall into a number of different categories which you just have to check out if this is your thing. Blogosphere is a great magazine that I have being purchasing since issue one therefore to be featured within it myself was a little bit surreal as well as pretty exciting too.

I feel incredibly honoured to have my blog mentioned within the magazine therefore I owe a huge thank you to Rosie and the rest of the Blogosphere team. Of course I cannot forget the most important people which are of course my readers as you’re an utterly wonderful bunch who make blogging extremely enjoyable for me; thank you very much.