Wardrobe Essentials #1

Floral Kimono

When I gaze into my wardrobe these days I feel rather dissatisfied, I’ve so many clothes in there that never see the light of day which is why come this weekend I will be having a huge clear out. This has been warranted for such a long time and despite having had clear outs before in the past this time I need to be a little more ruthless. I’ve come to realise that I pretty much wear the same types of clothes all of the time which isn’t a bad thing as after all fashion is a personal choice. My key choices on a daily basis will always be a pair of black skinny jeans, converse and a striped t-shirt or some form or another; there will inevitably be a chunky knit in there somewhere or a good old fashioned hoodie.

Despite my somewhat tom boy appearance I do like to have a few nice statement pieces in my wardrobe which will be timeless (or so I hope). Last year I purchased the brightest item of clothing I own which is the above Kimono from In Love With Fashion. This kimono is such good quality and is absolutely stunning to look at, I simply adore it. There is no denying that it is very bright but I do think that is part of the charm with this item as it is rather unlike me and allows me to overstep a boundary within my ordinary style. 

A pure black one of the same quality would please me to no end so I’m hoping to be able to hunt one down in the near future. You may forgive me for giving the impression that a kimono is a wardrobe essential as it most certainly is not however I do think it is quite essential to have that one item that is a little bit different to anything else; something a little extravagant yet quite simply beautiful.