Wardrobe Essentials #2


My first Wardrobe Essentials post a few weeks ago was something a little different for my blog however I received some really nice feedback which left me feeling rather encouraged to continue; thank you all for your positive feedback. This evening I’m back with another essential post which features my all-time favourite item of footwear. From that initial discovery way back in year 10 I have never since looked back, numerous pairs later along with quite a few blisters from the early stages I have to say that I’ve most certainly fallen hook line and sinker for a simple pair of Converse.

Converse come in a wide range of styles, colours and patterns these days however I do tend to gravitate towards the traditional black style as they go with pretty much anything and help to make any outfit more casual. This year I plan on breaking tradition as I’m pretty keen to buy a white pair for the warmer weather, they will of course be strictly dry weather only because I cannot stand white shoes getting dirty; I’m forever trying to keep the simple white rubber out sole on those above clean; alas eventually even I have to admit defeat.

For me a pair of Converse is most certainly a staple item within my wardrobe. I simply would not live without mine as I wear them every single day and they have without doubt been the only shoe that I have purchased more than once; how many times can you say that when it comes to footwear? I’ve always been such a fuss pot with shoes therefore knowing I can order a new pair without having to try them on will always be a blessing for me.