July Favourites

July Favourites

I’m going to jump straight into my July Favourites post today whereby after much thought and consideration I decided to choose only four things. At the moment I’m on a bit of a drive to use up some things that I already have instead of buying any more which I have to say it is going rather well indeed. 

The first two items are both products which I picked up right at the beginning of June, both the LUSH Big Sea Salt Shampoo and the MAC 217 were products that had been on my little list for quite a while therefore after putting some money aside I decided to finally treat myself to them. 

Starting off with the LUSH Big Sea Salt Shampoo I realise that hair care is something I never really speak about that much on here. The reason for this is quite simply because I’m so bad with hair, right down from the colour, style and general day to day maintenance I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. Having heard so much about this particular shampoo I found myself buying it due to all of the positive feedback. I think the novelty of it being sea salt also really intrigued me; I’m a sucker for something a bit different. First of all my general opinion of this is that it is quite simply superb! It cleans my hair so well and leaves it feeling fresh and incredibly soft. The smell of this to me is a huge pull factor as it smells so fresh and clean, it’s a hard one to describe but if you get the chance to look at this in store then do so even for just the scent alone.

The MAC 217 was a brush that I really wanted to add to my humble collection; so many bloggers recommended this to me and said it was well worth investing in. I’m not going to lie I almost cried at the thought of purchasing this, as by no means is this cheap for a make up brush however now I have had time to get used to it I can honestly say I’m glad I bit the bullet and picked it up. I’ve always been pretty shoddy at creating that beautiful blended smoky eye yet this brush just somehow makes it much easier; it’s almost like magic.

My Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish in the shade ‘Hip Hop’ was a purchase last year that was very heavily influenced by Anna, which after using it again just last week on my toes for an evening out I found that purchase completely justified. It is such a gorgeous orange toned red which is perfect, I mean truly perfect for this time of year.

Lastly I’m no stranger to a notebook or two however I wanted a new notebook for my blog, a place to store ideas, draft posts and schedules all in one place. The most recent addition to my ever growing stationary collection (it’s a problem) is this mint green Nu Era notebook which I picked up from Wilkinson for just £5. I’m really happy with it and have already started filling it with various notes and to do lists, of which now this post is written I can happily tick one post off that rather long list.