Canadian Beauty Swap

Canadian Beauty Swap

Beauty products from across the big pond have always looked incredible yet have always been a bit out of reach for me. A few months ago now I teamed up with Celina who runs The Celution in order to do a beauty swap, whereby there would be an exchange of beauty products whilst sticking to a budget that we set ourselves. Celina lives in Canada where I of course live in the UK so there were quite a few brands that we were both interested in that we would otherwise struggle to get hold of if it wasn’t for the swap. The prospect of trying out some new brands was rather exciting to say the least! Seeing as this package literally arrived a few days ago (we thought it had got lost) I haven’t yet tried any of these out properly so I’ll be back with reviews in a few week’s time. 

Being quite a fan of Maybelline lip products, well, one in particular I found myself quite keen to try the Maybelline Color Whispers which are still currently unavailable here in the UK. I had read in a few online reviews that these were quite similar to the Revlon Lip Butters which made me really quite keen to try these out. The shades I chose were Coral Ambition and Orange Attititude.

Keeping along the theme of lip products I also wanted to try the EOS Lip Balms which you have all probably seen before. This nice little package of two really appealed to me whereby I do plan on giving one to my sister once I can decide which flavour to choose for myself.

As you may tell I’m pretty keen on my blushers whereby Milani and Tarte were both products which were at the time unavailable here in the UK. I’m aware that Tarte is now a bit easier to obtain here however the shades from what I have seen are pretty limited which is such a shame as these blushers have received quite the acclaim from the blogging community over the last year. The blusher that I chose from Tarte was the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in the shade exposed which was a shade that I was really keen on picking up. Now that it has been photographed (finally) I cannot wait to try it out tomorrow morning.

The Milani Illuminating Face Powder on first instance looks like a blush whereby to be honest I know that’s what I will primarily use it for. These apparently act as a blush, powder and bronzer all in one however I’m not too sue how I feel about that so I’ll have to report back on how I get on with this one. Of course visually this powder is stunning, the embossed rose design is incredibly pretty and unique to anything that I currently own, in fact it is so pretty that I almost don’t want to use it just yet.

Last but not least I’m featuring here my first ever item from NYX which was a product that I saw specifically mentioned in a video by Fleur. The NYX Rouge Cream Blush in the shade natural was a shade that appealed to me for the coming autumn as although I do like my peach and pink tones I cannot help but be drawn into mauve tones for this time of year, they are often so flattering on my skin tone.

I have to say it has been really nice to feature some items that are readily available to those across the pond for a change as I know most of the items I do blog about can be hard to obtain if you live abroad. If you’ve tried any of these or have further recommendations for me then I would love to hear them in the comments below.

Whilst I’m writing this post I’d like to say a huge thank you to Celina. I hope you’re enjoying your beauty swap items too and cannot wait to hear what you think about them over the coming weeks.