LUSH Bubble Bars

LUSH Bubble Bars

Going back a few years I had quite literally no experience with LUSH products however fast forward to the present day I have found myself dabbling into their bath bombs, bubble bars and lip scrubs. LUSH in my experience is one of the best stores on the high street to pop into. It’s always so colourful and interesting with really enthusiastic and helpful staff members. I have to say I often find myself coming away feeling rather cheerful after I’ve paid a visit although that could be the fumes from all the products reaching my head.

So far from LUSH I have really being enjoying the Bubble Bars as I think they are so much better value for money compared to the Bath Bombs; I also find that you get a lot more bubbles too. Recently I have tried three out therefore I thought I’d give you a mini overview of what I thought.

LUSH Karma Bubble Bar

Starting off with the Karma Bubble Bar I have to say that out of these three above it was my least favourite. My reason for this was purely because of the colour it turned my bath water, it turned the water orange, in fact almost red which for me I really didn’t like; I still have half of it sitting in my bathroom. It did small nice although I struggled to pick up the orange oil scent which I found a little disappointing. I found that the amount of bubbles that were produced when using just a few pieces of the product was actually pretty impressive however overall I wouldn’t re-purchase this particular Bubble Bar as the colour really did put me off.

LUSH Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

Pop in the Bath was for me better than the previous bubble bar however it still didn’t fill me with much enthusiasm. As you can see I had the white version although I’m pretty sure there are other colours available whereby I think if I’d had a different colour then I may have enjoyed this more. The white had no impact upon the colour of the water however again there were plenty of bubbles which was a positive thing. Pop in the Bath smelt nice but again I didn’t really find myself picking up any of the key ingredients such as lemon oil. Whilst I wasn’t completely happy with this I’d be tempted to try a different colour as I think that would completely change my experience. 

LUSH Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar

Of course I had to save the best until last! Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds has so far been my favourite bubble bar that I have tried. First off it turned my water a light sea blue which automatically made me feel like a mermaid, no word of a lie. In regards to scent I’d say that this out of the three was the most relaxing with woody scents such as cinnamon and frankincense whereas the others were more citrus based which I associate with awakening and refreshing vibes. The amount of bubbles it produced was again very impressive from just a small amount used.

Overall all three of these bubble bars produced a really good amount of bubbles for only a small amount of the product being used. I was able to achieve between four or five baths out of each one making them really good value for money considering they are more of a luxury treat.

I’m hoping to pop into LUSH this Friday coming so do you have any more recommendations for me?