JorgObé Skin Care

JorgObé Black Peek Off Mask

JorgObé Skin Care  is a completely new brand to me and one that had me intrigued as soon as I saw the fact that they boasted a peel off black mask. Needless to say I was sold on the idea and a brand as a whole. The Danish brand has only just launched in the UK where their goal has been to create natural and effective products without unnecessary chemical additives. 

The JorgObé Skin Care range consists of three products at the moment of which their first the JorgObé Peel Off Mask became a best seller across Nordic countries. Due to this success their range has expanded to a further two products of which I’m very lucky to say that I was given the opportunity to try all three out. All of the products are developed and produced in Denmark and are free from parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, silicones and colours. A quick mention here has to go to the packaging which is one of the best styles I have seen in a long time, you know me I like simple straight to the point design which I think JorgObé achieves extremely well.

Firstly onto the first product that caught my eye instantly, the JorgObé Peel Off Mask*. This product aims to cleanse the pores and reduce the skin’s production of excess oils which in turn helps to prevent blackheads. Now peel off masks were something I used to love when I was younger so it was pretty fun to try another, of course being black in colour this was something completely different and made the experience even more unique. A wide range of ingredients are within this product such as black kaolin clay and witch hazel which help to absorb excess sebum and to cleanse clogged pores, whereas echinacea helps to prevent bacteria and infections.

The peel off mask is used by applying a thick layer onto cleansed skin and leaving for 25-30 minutes. I must stress to you that you should avoid any delicate areas, particularly around the eye area as after all this is something you will be peeling off. Generally speaking I literally only applied this to my t-zone area and pretty much followed the image on the JorgObé website. After the allotted time had passed I simply peeled it off and then rinsed my face afterwards. Once I had done this I definitely noticed that my skin looked clearer and brighter where after a few days I did notice a few impurities coming to the surface which is part of the cleansing process. Using this mask once or even twice a week has helped to keep my skin looking a lot clearer since I started using it. A tip I found was to use a make up brush in order to apply it as I found I had more control in order to ensure the mask didn’t end up in areas I didn’t want it to and don’t worry it washed out of the brush just fine.

Onto the JorgObé Scrub Mask* I found this to be a nice addition to the range whereby I have being using this just once a week.  This is white in colour and consists of tiny black jojoba beads which help to remove dead skin cells. Whilst the beads are not as soft as I would have hoped they are most certainly not as harsh as products I have tried in the past therefore I was quite happy to carry on using this. Generally speaking I don’t manually exfoliate that much these days as I tend to use acid toners instead. Having said that if I was to eradicate it completely I wouldn’t feel quite right therefore it’s nice to have a product I can turn to. I’ve used this just as a facial scrub and a mask depending on how much time I have and can say that it works really well and leaves my skin feeling once again clean, soft and not irritated in the slightest.

Last of all I finish off with the JorgObé White Tea Balancing Cream* which I have being using in the morning time after I have washed my face although you can use it overnight if you wish. Having combination to oily skin myself I’m always wary of moisturisers as I worry they may be too heavy however this was perfect for my skin. It was light enough not to feel too weighed down upon my skin yet provided plenty of moisture and kept my skin hydrated throughout the day. It has been formulated to target all skin types where if you have oily skin it helps to regulate the production of excess sebum, where in comparison if you have dry skin it helps to provide extra moisture. 

Overall my first experience with JorgObé has been really positive; my only real comment would be to ensure that when using the black peel off mask that you keep it away from delicate areas such as the skin around your eyes.