A few weeks ago I made a joint online Lush order (and I popped into store too) with my sister and picked up a few treats from both the Halloween and Christmas collections. Lush is always incredibly popular at this time of year with the Christmas collection in particular always being a big hit with so many people; Snow Fairy anyone?

Last year I was pretty reserved and only picked up The Christmas Penguin as far as I recall however between then and now my interest in Lush has grown tenfold whereby needless to say I found it very hard to resist the collection this time around. Within the collection there is a variety of soaps, bath bombs, bubble bars, bath melts and body lotions along with a few other bits and pieces all of which are ready to have you swinging into the festive spirit.

Of course I wanted pretty much everything (I found myself absorbed in the moment) however I restricted myself to just a few things from the collection as well as one from the permanent range.

Starting off with soaps I picked up Yog Nog and Baked Alaska which are two very contrasting scents. Yog Nog has to be hands down one of the nicest scents I have smelt this year; it’s so rich and creamy and for me smells like butterscotch. Originally I purchased one piece of this and cut it in half to split with my friend however I have already been back and picked up another piece as it smells so darn good. If there’s one thing you look at from the Lush Christmas collection let it be this. In contrast to this Baked Alaska is incredibly invigorating and uplifting whereby the citrus scents will be sure to awaken you from your slumber in the morning. In the image above my block of Baked Alaska is still in its wrapping so it does appear a lot darker than it really is as it is extremely bright and is quite simply awesome to look at. As with Yog Nog I’m also considering picking up one more piece of this before Christmas is over.

Onto Bubble Bars (my favourite) I picked up Candy Mountain which made me think of something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and is a similar concept to the penguin from last year which I really liked. I also then decided to go with Holly Go Lightly and the Sparkly Pumpkin because after putting off trying a glitter product from Lush for so long I finally decided it was time to give them a go. Having so far only used the Sparkly Pumpkin I can say that I was super impressed and was not left resembling something from a Stephenie Meyer novel when I stepped out of the bath.

The concept of FUN had always intrigued me yet I had never picked one up as I’d previously had the impression that it was aimed at children, I honestly wasn’t going to sit in my bath making little models of anything so didn’t think it would be for me. Having said that after smelling the limited edition gold FUN I completely disregarded my previous thoughts and popped it into my basket. Scented like Honey I Washed the Kids this smells truly incredible and made for a beautiful body wash once it was warmed up in my hands; it is without a doubt my favourite Lush product that I have tried all year round.

To finish off my Lush haul I picked up Stepping Stone which is a scrub to help soften your feet and make them super-duper soft. To me this product smells utterly amazing and is even now making my bathroom smell so good yet sadly I found that it didn’t live up to my expectations. In all honesty I think I just found this difficult to use as it breaks up and isn’t one solid piece to work with once it is combined with water.

Have you treated yourselves to anything from LUSH recently?