Oldies But Goodies

Oldies but goodies

There are a few items within my make up collection that to this day I still reach for. Despite new releases popping up left right and centre and older ones being forgotten about I can’t help at times reverting back to some of my favourites.

The Revlon Kissable Balm Stains were so incredibly popular when they were released so it’s no surprise to see them as being one of my all-time favourite lip products. The shade honey is my favourite from the original range and is still a product that I reach for frequently. Having tried some of the newer releases such as the matte balms and lacquers I have to say that the original version is still my up most favourite. Overall I think Revlon do lip products extremely well whereby my second favourite comes from the Colour Burst Lip Butter range. Again these were very popular upon release with in my opinion justification as they are easy to wear, pigmented and affordable. My favourite shade would have to be Juicy Papaya although there are quite a few in the range that I’m a fan of. Lastly for lip products my old faithful the Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in the shade beehive is probably something that I should throw out. The packaging is really old now and has since been updated yet this is one of the first products I ever purchased when I started blogging so it has in some weird way a bit of sentimental value to me. Once again these are incredibly affordable and are worth having a look at in Boots if you’re new to lipstick or are simply looking for a budget friendly lipstick range for every day.

Onto mascaras these two particular products that I’ve chosen are products that I have read mixed reviews on over time; however for me personally they are two of my favourites. Starting off with the Natural Collection from Boots I find that they are extremely affordable £1.99 mascaras that work really well for me. I have quite long lashes already so most of the time I’m not really looking for lengthening properties, especially seeing as I wear glasses. The Natural Collection Mascaras simply add definition, separation and a little bit of volume which on a day to day basis if I’m honest is all I’m really looking for. In contrast to this when I’m wanting to achieve a little more POW with my lashes I always reach for the Benefit They’re Real Mascara. Originally I tried this when it was a free sample within a magazine and found that I wasn’t completely sold however over time I have changed my mind on this and now happily use it on days when I want to have big lashes without the dreaded spider look occurring. 

Blushers are one of my favourite beauty items of which the two here have had their fair share of popularity in the past. The Sleek Blusher in rose gold was one of the first items I picked up from Sleek and is an apparent dupe for the NARS orgasm blush; however having never tried that myself it’s not something I can definitely say yes to. The Topshop Cream Blusher in head over heels is once again another favourite of mine yet if I’m honest with myself this is another product that should be thrown out soon; I’ve simply had it a bit too long. These are not strictly cream blushers as once applied they do have more of a powder formula however they are easy to use, pigmented and are not too expensive either.

Finally the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze has been one of my most used beauty products of all time. These products are simply incredible and are such good value for money considering how long they last. In my experience I have found that they are quite simply effortless to use making them perfect for picking up at 7am when you only have fifteen minutes to get ready for work.

It hasn’t escaped my notice here that barring one product, Benefit They’re Real all of these are high street purchases which come under £10. There really are some beauty gems to be found out there.