E-Reader vs Book

E-reader vs Book

Besides my interest in the world of beauty and fashion I have always had a huge interest and passion for reading. Even before the likes of Harry Potter I was quite the book worm whereby by the age of eleven I had read quite a lot already. To this day I still remember climbing onto the top bunk, wrapping myself up in my duvet and escaping into another world. My bookshelf as a child was crammed full and I found this continuing into my early twenties. Over the last few years I’ve had to be a little more ruthless with my collection as it was incredibly out of hand; this has led to countless trips to the charity shop over the last few years whereby now I have everything comfortably on two shelves (although there is a box full under my bed, shhhh).

Working in a book store for what seems like a lifetime and being such an avid reader myself I naturally have a huge soft spot for a physical book. Therefore when the e-reader started to take the market by storm I felt as though my enjoyment of reading was being attacked, I didn’t like it! For the longest time I was dead set against e-readers, I simply tuned out and wouldn’t want to hear about them as they quite literally went against everything I believed in. That was until I had to start selling them at work, imagine the sheer horror when I saw the e-reader stand being installed and I had to learn how to use them and more importantly act enthusiastic about them. 

Fast forward a few years or so I have definitely developed quite a difference stance on them, not least because I now own one of my own. Mine was actually a leaving present when I left work after I moved back home from university however I can safely say that I would have purchased one eventually. My two main reasons for using an e-reader are quite simply because firstly they help to save a lot of space, particularly when you have limited storage like me. I’m forever sacrificing one book on my bookshelf for another however with an e-reader I don’t have to do this. Whilst it’s sad to not have a physical copy I do have to weigh up the possibility that I may never read that particular book again therefore I really don’t need it sitting on my book shelf gathering dust. The second reason is that when new books are released they tend to be in hardback which is a format I never buy; for me they are too heavy and too big for reading in bed which means I have to wait a while until a paperback version is released. Luckily with an e-reader I don’t have to wait at all which is fantastic if it is a new release that I have being looking forward to reading.

There are of course a few downsides to an e-reader of which one I have already alluded to. The lack of a physical book can make me a bit sad at times as it’s always nice to have the real physical thing, especially if the cover art work is nice as e-readers, not tablets (as far as I know) are not in colour so I do miss out on that aspect of a book. Of course you have to also ensure that your e-reader is charged up, if it isn’t you won’t be reading anything until it is.

Overall there are a few pros and cons in regards to e-readers whereby in my opinion it all simply boils down to personal preference and what you are most comfortable with; see my list below.

Pros of an e-reader -Portable, lightweight, saves storage space (big issue for me), cheaper books (at times), accessibility to thousands of books at your fingertips, ability to change font size, personalisation as there are a lot of different covers out there now, some e-readers are also tablets so they have more than one function.

Cons of an e-reader – Initially expensive, computer based therefore there is perhaps a fear of losing your purchases, lack of personality (no creased spine, no traditional book scent) , an internet connection is required to purchase online which not everybody has access to, a technological stigma which I would argue has been removed somewhat.

Generally for me it all still boils down to what book it is and the price at the time. For instance I would have never purchased Harry Potter for my e-reader because I love it too much and therefore need a physical copy. Furthermore if it is a new author that I just want to try out I’d be more inclined to buy an e-book instead. 

What do you think of e-readers, are you a fan or do you still prefer a traditional book?