Gone Walkabout – Getting Outdoors

The North Face Quest Waterproof Jacket
Foggy Winter Morning
The North Face Quest Waterproof Jacket
Winter Morning
The North Face Quest Waterproof Jacket

Whilst I’ve always been a person who enjoys going for walks and exploring the woods I have this year made a promise to get out and enjoy them even more. My love for the woodlands and wildlife within them I would hope is no secret to those that read my blog and to those that know me in person. Whilst on my degree I took part in a field trip which included going to the Isle of Rum, the Cairngorms and Inverness all are places within Scotland which I would highly recommend visiting. 

Of course a bit closer to home I really like visiting my local AONB as it really is quite a magical place, especially on a winter morning when the fog is rolling down the hills and you can just make out people walking their dogs in the distance. Today me and my mum went for a morning walk and had a lovely time, despite it being absolutely freezing! Me being me I rather stupidly forgot my gloves so I had to suffer whilst taking these scenic shots, they were worth it though in my opinion.

Sporting my new The North Face Quest Waterproof Jacket* I was wrapped up nice and warm whereby I have to say I was very surprised at just how warm I was. The jacket in itself is pretty light and doesn’t feel too heavy to wear at all which makes it perfect for wearing outdoors. Being outdoors in the typical British weather I find that it can change quickly ranging from being quite cold to relatively mild; the winters here have been all over the place in the last few years. Usually for this type of jacket I would have chosen something darker such as black or navy however I was really feeling a lighter colour this year. I think the white is much more feminine and one should hope that it would make me much more visible should I have the misfortune of falling down a ditch somewhere!

Luckily it didn’t rain today although we did have some flurries of snow which really added to that magical feel, albeit for only five minutes. The Quest Jacket is waterproof so that’s super handy as nobody likes getting soggy whilst out and as I’ve already alluded to is extremely breathable and lightweight due to the hyvent fabric. I opted up a size in this as I like my jackets generally a bit bigger so I can squeeze a hoodie or something similar on underneath without feeling too constricted. If you’re somebody who is quite active and likes being outside in all types of weather conditions it’s extremely important to have the correct type of clothing, particularly in the cold weather. Don’t forget your gloves like me and if you’re out for a long period of time it may be worth having a hat too!

Being outside for a few hours or even longer can be so incredibly relaxing, even if it is cold as it gives me chance to chill out and more importantly have some fresh air. For me there is something incredibly exhilarating and refreshing about being outside surrounded by nature; it’s so inspiring and therapeutic at the same time whereby I’m left feeling really positive and rejuvenated afterwards. 

The North Face clothing and accessories can be found over on the Blacks website where there is currently a sale still being held. Blacks have all types of clothing ranging from fitness to hiking so they really do suit a variety of interests and hobbies. Incidentally it is the store that I visited to kit myself out before my Scotland trip back in 2012. I purchased lots of warm clothing as we were told it would be cold and when we got there we all got sun burn as it was so hot and sunny. You see I told you the weather in the UK is a little bit unpredictable!