Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks

Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks
Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks

For a while now I have been rather curious about the vast majority of juices that are on the market which claim to help us with so many things. From weight loss, to achieving clear skin I have seen them all over the last year or so in which in that time I have read various pros and cons of both. Naturally I’m curious, who wouldn’t be? Therefore when I was introduced to the brand Beauty & Go which produces a range of Bioactive Beauty Drinks* I found that I just couldn’t say no to the opportunity in giving them a try for myself. 

Founded from two company’s bringing together the knowledge of the skincare industry and natural fresh produce Beauty & Go was formed. There’s a whole heap of science behind the formulation of these drinks which you can read about at your leisure on the Beauty & Go website. Although for the purposes of this post I’d like to explain what bioactive actually means and what it means in terms of these drinks. 

Quite simply bioactives are substances found within plants and certain foods which when consumed provide health benefits, examples of these consist of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Bioactives are used within Beauty & Go drinks which contain within them your daily requirements of macroantioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

The Beauty & Go range consists of four different drinks which target different aspects of skincare, those being anti-ageing, vitality, detox and radiance. I had the opportunity to fill out a little lifestyle questionnaire which enabled a nutritionist to be able to recommend me the most appropriate drink for me personally, that being detox. Despite that I have had the opportunity to try out all four of them very briefly in which over the next month I’ll be completing the one month detox challenge. 

Anti-ageing – The anti-ageing drink aims to help with skin elasticity, firmness and of course wrinkles. The flavour of this one consists of pomegranate, apple and raspberry by which it also has various other ingredients in such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin E. 

Vitality – I’d say that the vitality drink was my favourite here by which this aims to invigorate the skin and helps to relieve the look of fatigue. This drink has pineapple, passion fruit and green tea in it along with ingredients such as lemon grass and vitamin B6 and B12.

Detox – As the word suggests the detox drink helps to purifying the skin. Again there are similar ingredients here what with hyaluronic acid and collagen being present. This detox drink also contains cucumber, dandelion, spirulina, zinc, broccoli and artichoke which if I’m honest out of all four that are available it is the hardest to stomach because it has an incredibly strong after taste; it’s typical that this would be the one that was deemed most appropriate for me.

Radiance – Naturally the radiance drink aims to help skin look more illuminating and hydrated. The one has a blend of red grape, pear, rosehip and aloe vera which I have to say I felt as though this had a slight spicy after taste to it although I’m not quite sure what could be causing that. Despite that factor it was still quite a pleasant to drink so I didn’t mind this one at all. 

To read more about the ingredients within the Beauty & Go drinks be sure to head on over to the website. There is a huge amount of information on there which will enable you to draw your own conclusions where these drinks are concerned.

Over the next month I’ll be drinking one of the detox drinks a day in which over that time I’ll be keeping an eye out for any improvements in my skin, particularly in terms of it looking clearer. I’m not sure what to expect if I’m honest because I’m a firm believer in you are what you eat therefore without a generally good diet in the first place I can’t see that these would make a huge difference on their own.

Have you tried Beauty & Go? You can pick these up exclusively at Selfridges.