Recently Recycled #4

Beauty Product Empties

Recently I’ve finished off a fair few products which fall into the skincare category which comes as no more of a surprise to you than it does me. It isn’t very often that happens as I find skincare can take a while to get through however I’m making a real effort to use things up that I know are pushing it when it comes to their life expectancy as it were.

Getting straight to it the REN ClayCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser* is a product that I have absolutely adored and is one that I purchase later on in the year. Originally sent to me as a sample to try out this has been one of the very few samples that I know I want to go out and buy for myself having now used it. It’s such a beautiful product that provides a really nice purifying cleanse that isn’t stripping on the skin, I personally liked to use this as my second cleanse as I think the benefits of using it that way were much better as opposed to using it simply to remove your make up. Speaking of cleansing and removing make up my favourite micellar water to date has to be the Garnier Micellar Water which must now be my third bottle. It’s such a bargain and does the job perfectly, I’m a huge fan of this and have already purchased another bottle.

Onto hair care once again I have another repurchase which is the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave-in-Spray which for some reason is still really hard to find where I live yet I know it’s readily available in most places. I’ve really liked this for a long time now as it leaves my hair feeling nourished but not heavy and also smelling delightful! I’ve gone through two or three of these now and can honestly say I haven’t really looked at any other leave in conditioner since. Sticking with hair care for one more moment I have here the LUSH Big Sea Salt Shampoo which I would happily say has to be one of my all time favourite hair care products to date. I’ve yet to pick this up again as I forgot last time I was close to LUSH however when I go back in a few weeks time I’ll be picking up another. The scent of this is incredible, it smells so fresh and invigorating whilst also leaving my hair in the softest and nicest condition it has been in a long, long time. Whilst I can’t say that it gives me volume (I think the name for me is a bit misleading) I can say that I will always have a tub of this on the go, it is brilliant stuff.

Beauty Product Empties

Origins for a long time now has been a brand that I have got on very well with so it makes me somewhat a little bit sad to be saying goodbye to two fantastic moisturisers. The Origins Make A Difference Plus was a product I used both day and night and is one that I miss a lot in my routine as I found that it just worked so beautifully on my skin. It wasn’t too heavy and didn’t exacerbate any breakouts, quite simply it worked and for that reason I know I’ll be repurchasing. Again much like the former the Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins night cream was one that I had read so much about before I really got into blogging regularly. The hype surrounding this product has been very much justified in my opinion as I really notice a visual difference in my skin when I have used this of a night time, it’s so beautiful to apply and does not feel heavy at all despite being a richer cream for the night. Once again this will be a product that I repurchase at some point this year. 

The only make up product I have here is the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer which is a product that I used up a while ago but only now find myself featuring it. Marketed as somewhat a concealer I do think that it can act as almost a highlight too as the shade I have is quite light making it perfect for brightening up under the eyes and using on the very top of the cheek bone. Again this is a product that I got on very well with and is one that I will repurchase as I currently now use something similar from Charlotte Tilbury which whilst I really like it I do think that the L’Oreal one does a similar job for more than half the price. 

Finally I have a fragrance here which was an unexpected discovery after receiving it for Christmas one year. The Lady Gaga Fame fragrance was one that I got through very quickly as it instantly became a favourite of mine. I’ll put it out there that I rarely fall for celebrity fragrances such as these yet this one had me hooked! It’s quite a warm scent if I remember rightly with notes of honey and saffron yet once on it does change ever so slightly, it’s also pretty affordable too.