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Filofax Notebook

For the longest time I have had a little bit of an obsession with stationary. I distinctly remember that time of year when right before school restarted in September me and my brother and sister would all go shopping with mum to buy a new pencil case, pens and pencils; I loved it! I was that child who had about twenty different scented gel pens and a variety of different shaped rubbers and pencil sharpeners. 

Of course being more grown up these days (ahem) I have somewhat refined my stationary choices yet I feel as though there is still room for a little bit of fun, or indeed quirkiness. I have found that through juggling both university, my job and my blog that I have needed to find a way to keep myself more organised; pretty stationary really isn’t just for show folks as it is vital I find for keeping me on track, or at least as best as it can, as even I can still be easily distracted.

Filofax Notebook

Whilst I am a huge advocate of my planners I have recently being using something a little less bulky which I have found to make quite a nice change to how I organise myself week to week. The Filofax Notebook* is a brand new concept to me and is one that I’m thoroughly enjoying using. Of course a notebook of any description is nothing new however this one is quite unique in that it has a few features which makes it much more user friendly.

First and foremost it has the ability to lie perfectly flat which I have to say was something I had never really been bothered about before, yet now I have experienced it for myself I feel as though I will find it hard to use anything other than something like this again; it makes such a difference when you’re right writing in it. For one there is no bump to write over as you head towards the end of the page on the left hand side which for me is great, I sure hope you know what I am referring to there or that point may be a little bit lost on you; maybe I am just a bit too picky who knows.

The second concept is in some way similar to the traditional Filofax in that you can remove the pages in and out of the notebook without having to physically tear them out. As you can see in both the images above and below the edges of the paper within it are not sealed where they attach into the notebook itself, this makes them easily removable as you literally lift them out and slot them back into your desired place. I really like this feature as it means you can write where ever you like within the notebook on a whim and then organise it properly at a later date; this is something I really appreciate as I like my notes to be in order.

Filofax Notebook

This very feature also applies to the four dividers in the back as you can just as easily move those too which has made planning my blog posts as well as a mystery project that I am working on at the moment effortless, especially when I have had last minute ideas when working on something completely different. The paper within the Filofax Notebook is of a really nice quality too, it is really nice to write on and is not scratchy in the slightest which is often a bug bear of mine. On more than one occasion I have had to physically feel the paper in notebooks before I buy them because I really don’t like how some can feel when I am writing in them. You see I am pretty passionate about my stationary and always look for something that I know will be of relatively good quality.

The Filofax Notebook is priced at £12.99 for the A5 size and £9.99 for the pocket size. Whilst initially this may seem perhaps more than one would like to spend I feel as though you will get your money’s worth, especially because you can buy refills for this which is really handy as you won’t have to go out and buy another notebook in itself. Both sizes come in six colours which offers more flexibility and personal choice, it is nice to venture outside the standard black and red shades.

Upon writing this post today I didn’t quite intend this to be a sole review of this product, it was genuinely going to be somewhat of an overview of the current things I am using to help me be more organised yet I honestly have been so impressed with this that I just felt the need to write a lot about it. As you can see despite this post moving away from the norm of beauty it truly is never far from my mind; I have already made a rather long and expensive list of skincare items that I want to research further.

How do you keep organised? I keep reading about online calendars and keeping notes on my mobile phone yet I have to say I don’t think that you can beat a pen and paper; I am most certainly old school when it comes to things like this.