Make Up on the Go

Make up on the go

These days my mornings start very early, so much so that even after pressing the snooze button for the third time I am still left feeling a little disgruntled that morning has arrived so soon. One day I will get the hang of ‘going to bed at a reasonable time because I know I am up at 6am’ yet for now, whilst I am writing this post at just gone 10 I think we can all safely assume that I haven’t quite got the hang of that just yet.

In order to save myself those precious minutes in bed I have being looking at ways I can save a bit of time in the morning. At the moment I tend to spend a good fifteen minutes or so preparing my skin and applying my make up. Now I know that isn’t a particularly long period of time, however every minute is golden when you have to be out the house by 7. Whilst I have never been one for applying make up on the go (I have never really had to) I have found myself becoming much more open to the idea since starting work full time. I also spot so many women doing their make up on the train and have definitely come to appreciate that there is an art to it; I mean trains are not too steady, trust me.

Recently Debenhams have put together a great feature in which Emily shares some handy tips for make up on the go when we are running a little bit short of time in the morning. Debenhams also kindly provided to me the products featured in the video today in order for me to try them out myself, so let’s see how I got on.

Firstly MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation* was a product that I had heard of before but had never tried for myself. Being a powder based product I was very sceptical as I had up until this point only ever used liquid foundations. Consisting of very finely milled powder I have found this to be incredibly light on my skin and very easy to apply. At first I was worried that this would not provide enough coverage for me, especially because whilst being out at work all day I do like to know that I have relatively good coverage. Nevertheless I have found this to be easy to build up without it looking cakey and because it is powder based it means I can skip on applying a setting powder.

The Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush on Glow BB Highlighter* for me has to be the stand out product of all of those featured here today. This is something which I would never have considered before, in fact, I wasn’t even aware that it existed. I have the shade extra light which I think is a really good match for my skin tone as whilst it would be too light for a foundation it works perfectly for brightening up under the eye area and for highlighting my cheek bones. The coverage of this product has also impressed me quite a lot. Whilst I am aware that the Double Wear range from Estee Lauder has always being highly recommended, I must say that if this product is anything to go by then I will certainly be checking out the range properly next time I am out shopping. It isn’t very often that I will aim to achieve full coverage however every now and then it is nice to have something which looks a little more flawless.

Make up on the go

For eyes I have found myself opting for less eye shadow these days, mainly because I have being running out of time therefore a bit of liner and mascara has been pretty much my standard when it comes to eye make up. I noticed that Emily also skipped out eye shadow too so this made me wonder just how many of us skip that of a morning when we are in a rush. Benefit Roller Lash* is a great mascara for the day time because I think the finish that it provides is really natural. I know from experience that it adds volume, length and a lovely curl however I do not think it is over the top at all which is why I think it is a great mascara for day time use. In conjunction with the mascara I am also using the Bare Minerals Lasting Long Wearing Eye Liner* in black which helps to define my eyes when I have skipped out on eye shadow. I actually really like this and have found myself surprised to read a few negative reviews about it because so far I think it is one of the longest wearing liners I have tried, it also applies very easily and does not drag on my eye lids at all. 

Finally for lips and cheeks we have somewhat of a multi-purpose product in the form of the Yves Saint Laurent Kiss & Blush* in the shade pink hedoniste. This is a lovely product for the cheeks and is once again easy to apply with the applicator meaning you don’t have to take a make up brush with you, it is also very easy to blend with your fingertips. Having tried this on both the lips and cheeks I do think that it works much better as a cheek product although you could get away with this for both if you wanted as little to carry as possible. If however like me you do prefer a separate lip product then I highly recommend the Too Faced Melted Lipstick* which are long wearing and very comfortable on the lips. The shade I have here is nude which I initially sounds great, I love a nude lip however it isn’t the typical nude that I have come to expect as despite it visually swatching quite nice I do find that upon application that it can be rather unflattering as the brown can appear quite muddy, especially against my fair skin tone. Whilst the formula of these is fantastic I personally would check out some of the more pink toned options as they do look much nicer, in fact I have my eye on berry as that looks like a gorgeous colour, especially as we are fast approaching autumn.

Debenhams kindly provided to me all of the products featured within this post today to coincide with the launch of their make up and go video. All views and opinions are of course all my own. 

What are you go to make up products for on the go? Be sure to check out the Debenahams Make Up on the Go video and let them know what you think.