Testing Testing | Hair Care #1

Hair Care products to try

When it comes to looking after my hair I must admit that I can be more than a bit lazy. I am most certainly a wash and go kind of girl who simply lets her hair dry naturally, whereby the only form of styling comes in the form of hair straighteners to iron out the kinks before work of a morning.

Over the last few months however I have being trying to look after my hair a bit better. The reason for this change in attitude is because I now find my hair to the longest length it has been for a very long time. Whilst I actually do quite like having long hair again I have noticed that it is more prone to looking a little worse for wear, in fact, the general maintenance required has increased quite considerably.

Nevertheless the new found interest of hair care has seen me pick up a couple of new products to try out; therefore I thought it would be nice to share my experience with them so far. Firstly the Ogx Kukui Oil Shampoo caught my eye as I had being wanting to try Ogx for a rather long time. After much deliberation in Boots I finally opted for the hydrating option as my hair in my opinion was looking quite dry, particularly at the ends. The scent of this shampoo is lovely and it really does make my hair feel super soft and more importantly I have noticed that my hair doesn’t look as dry or feel as dry as it had being.

My second purchase was the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm which had been a product I had read about numerous times from Fleur de Force. I had being wanting to pick this up for a while but the price had put me off as generally I am not one to spend much on hair care. This is a hard balm which when warmed up within the palm of your hand it turns into oil, you then of course apply this to dry hair and leave it for twenty minutes and then wash your hair as normal. At the moment I am on the fence with this because when I first used it I found that the product was still left within my hair despite shampooing and rinsing it out, therefore I then had to rewash it. I will definitely be trying this again next weekend in order to see how I get on with it the second time around.

The Unite Texturiza Dry Finishing Spray* for me is more of a luxury product rather than one I need within my hair care routine. Having said that it is a great product which delivers volume and texture to my hair, in fact, it helps me considerably on days when I am running late and when I don’t have time to even straighten my hair as it gives my natural waves more definition and hold.

Are you trying out any new hair care products at the moment?