A Fresh Start in 2016

2016 New Year

Well it is safe to say that I personally find myself feeling very happy to be leaving 2015 behind. There is no denying that it was a pretty tough year for me, both physically and mentally. My course that I was studying was incredibly intense; give me a three year degree over the Graduate Diploma in Law any day. What with studying and working two jobs at one point I felt myself burning out, all whilst trying to keep this blog ticking over. My exams came and went and I ended up failing a couple which for me was devastating. Up until this point I had never failed anything in my life before and if truth be told it was a hard thing to come to terms with. I actually found out I had failed them the day I started my brand new job, I remember reading the results on my phone after a great first day as I walked to the train station and I cried, yes cried on my way home on my own. 

It wasn’t just the fact I had failed, it was because I once again had to sit down and study. I knew deep down I was tired, I needed a break and that I simply just did not want to ever look at a law book again. Despite all this I have now passed my course, thank goodness and things are very much on the up. Having said that 2015 for me will always remain as being a super stressful year. In respect of A Little Boat Sailing, I also wanted to achieve a few personal milestones which unfortunately I did not manage. 

This brings me onto 2016, whereby instead of jumping in with the old cliché ‘new year, new me’ and all that jazz, (although there is nothing wrong with this at all), I thought I would address a couple of my own personal ambitions for the year ahead. 

  • Last year I said I would start YouTube, well that was a big fat fail. In truth I didn’t feel ready and I just have not had the time. Having said that I have started being more talkative on Snap Chat so if you want you can follow me on there at ‘littleboatsails’. In 2016 I am quite simply just trying to build my confidence and in some weird way I feel like doing simple things like a quick video on snap chat helps.

  • Take better care of my body. Yes this sadly means that I need to cut back on the chocolate, however it is all for a good cause. I only have one body and only I can look after it. My plan is to start off bit by bit, drinking more water, eating healthier and finding an exercise routine that I enjoy so that I won’t be so quick to give it up.

  • Blog more consciously. This is a funny one as sometimes I can feel myself falling into a trap and blogging because I have to publish a post for a certain deadline or because I feel bad due to the fact that I have had a particular PR sample sitting around too long. In 2015 I felt as though my readership dropped off a bit and do you know what, I think that this is because my content was not as good as it had been previously. Despite my pictures improving, my content on a whole to me has been a bit lack lustre.

  • Towards the end of last year I got back in the car after not driving for a while. I will be honest and say that I don’t have much confidence when driving, although this is improving more and more each day. This year I would like to be able to drive myself all the way to work as I currently take myself to the train station and back each day. The drive is about 45 minutes and the traffic can be pretty busy in the direction I need to head, however I know that once I have done it once I will be able to build on that; I just need to take the first step.

In writing this post I have purposely not set myself loads of goals and targets as I think this can more often than not set you up for failure. We all put a lot of pressure on ourselves at this time of year to become something which is probably unobtainable, nobody is perfect which I guess is what makes us all so darn unique.

On that note I wanted to end this post by wishing all of you a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year. This year is time for some nice changes and of course hard work, although I know that we are all more than up to the challenge. Thank you all so very much for reading my blog throughout 2015, it really does feel a bit mindless in a way to say it like that because it is something you see a lot of, however I truly do mean it; thank you. There are some changes coming in the next month or so, when I can finally get my act together on a new blog name for this place.

Ideas on a postcard anyone?