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Elemis Luxury Skin and Body Traveller 

When you find yourself wanting to start off a blog post with somewhat of an apology it doesn’t necessarily bode too well. Having not posted for a week I have felt as thought this space has been neglected, although it had been out of my control due to a number of ongoing computer issues. As well as that, those of you who follow me on instagram may have seen that I had being feeling pretty down in the dumps lately which did not help matters. A big thank you for all the super kind comments to those that left them, they meant the world to me and helped to put a smile on my face. 

It goes without saying that when you are feeling down a little treat can help to make you feel a bit better, therefore the arrival of the Elemis Luxury Skin and Body Traveller* from Debenhams could not have turned up any sooner. 

Elemis Luxury Skin and Body Traveller

Elemis has been a brand that I have wanted to explore more of in the last year due to the fact that I am a huge fan of their cleansing balm, I have always wondered what other products they had to offer. This travel set is a wonderful stater kit in my opinion as it gives you an insight into the brand as well as some pretty generous sizes of some of their best known skincare and body products.

First and foremost I could not fail to mention the beautiful travel bag that comes with this set. It really is perfect for storing your beauty items, especially if you are travelling as it is nice and compact but big enough to store everything you may wish to take with you on a weekend away. The quality of the bag is really lovely too, I like that it is simple in design and that it is white as it makes it feel really quite luxurious. 

Elemis Luxury Skin and Body Traveller

House within this kit there are seven products, those being the Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil which is a brand new product to me. In the past I have seen a number of Elemis products mentioned however this is one I had not heard of so I am very keen to give this a road test in the near future. The Soothing Apricot Toner is indeed a product I have read about and naturally find myself curious about, it is after all another skincare item to try, plus the decent sample size will ensure that I can test this out for a reasonable period of time. 

The Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules have incredible reviews online from what I have seen and really do stand out as quite a unique product, so much so that I definitely want to feature these in the future. The next two products are both products which have been on my list of skincare items to try as again I have read very good things about them. Both the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and the Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream in conjunction with each other really do sound wonderful. I have a strong feeling that when my current duo run out I will be turning to these straight away.

Finally the British Botanical Body Cream and the British Botanical Shower Cream round up the kit by focusing on the body. With it now being winter and quite cold one may find themselves very reluctant to sit lathering on the body lotions after they have just got out of the shower, however it is important to remember to keep our skin hydrated in order to keep it in tip top condition.

The majority of these products are all new to me so I am really looking forward to having a bit of an Elemis marathon within my beauty regime. 

Have you tried Elemis?