Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Shadow Quad

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Shadow Quad ReviewThere is no denying that when it comes to makeup, Tom Ford is right up there at the height of luxury. Of course alongside this comes a somewhat hefty price tag to match, therefore it is important to not rush into purchasing a particular product as you will want to make a well informed decision; not everyone has £64 to splash out on a new eye shadow quad. 

The Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Shadow Quad had been on my wish list for a little while until I finally purchased it back in February this year. I was extremely pleased to find out that it had been released into the permanent collection because previously it had only been a limited edition. 

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Shadow Quad Review

Of course when spending more money on something like this you will naturally expect the packaging and presentation to be perfect. My personal opinion on the Tom Ford packaging is that it is done incredibly well. I like that it is simple and there are no frills to it, everything is effortless and sleek yet it still holds a feminine quality alongside a bit of a masculine flare.

In contrast to Cocoa Mirage, this is an all shimmer quad, in fact all of the shades have quite a frosty finish baring one, although you could definitely argue that this is still a strong shimmer in my opinion. This is something to bear in mind as I highly recommend trying this in store yourself, it is not one to order on a whim as it may be a bit too frosty for your taste; that being said it is a beautiful palette of fantastic quality. The shades all blend effortlessly and they look absolutely stunning on. 

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Shadow Quad Review

Each of the four shades work perfectly together which is another reason as to why this palette is so perfect in my eyes. There is a gorgeous champagne tone which I like to use as a bit of a highlight for the inner corner and brow bone. The remaining shades are what I use in order to create the main make up look. The light rose copper (this is the best way I could describe it) and the typical taupe shade are perfect when combined, where upon adding the darker brown tone to the crease it helps to add that extra bit of definition and sultry feel any look. 

In terms of quality Tom Ford Eye Shadows are relatively hard to beat, they are simply exquisite. They apply beautifully and require little effort on my part, they’re buttery soft with no fall out having being experienced. 

Yes, these are expensive beauty purchases, you simply cannot deny it. That being said, when putting a few pennies away each month in order to be able to treat yourself to something you really want in the end then I ultimately don’t see anything wrong with it.

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