The Bookshelf #3

The Bookshelf #3

It has been over a year and a half since I last shared with you some of the books I have been reading in my Bookshelf series, in fact, these days it seems somewhat of an achievement to actually finish a book, let alone write about it. At the beginning of the year I said that I wanted to read more and whilst I haven’t read as much as I would have liked to almost three months in, I am happy to report that I am making more time for it.

I like to share just a few books at a time, one because I don’t get through that many these days and two, because I actually find writing my thoughts about what I have read quite difficult; although I would like to work on that in a bid to hopefully make it easier. So, without waffling on for too much longer, the three most recent books which I have finished are as follows.

Jojo Moyes – Me Before You

I was quite late to the party with this one. It had been out a good while before I finally decided to reach for it, and of course there was also a movie produced which I did manage to see. Me Before You was quite the tear jerker I have to say, although I found the movie sadder than I did in comparison to the book. I found it to be an unusual take on a young romance which I really enjoyed. If you haven’t read it and you are into your chic literature then it is definitely one to pick up. If I am honest it is not the type of book that I would automatically reach for, however I was aware of how popular it was and how good the reviews ultimately were.

The movie was also a good adaptation of the book I felt, again, it is worth a watch…once you have read the book of course. It has a strong female lead, but one with grace and humility, she stands up for what she believes in and fights for those closest to her. I found it charming and endearing, despite needing a couple of tissues close at hand at times. I would be very interested to read the next book in the series, although I am cutting back on buying books until I have made my way through quite the stash I have at home.

Donna Tart – The Goldfinch

Having picked up The Goldfinch with high hopes I have to say that I was left feeling rather underwhelmed. I actually felt quite conflicted whilst reading this, I wanted to love it but for the most part I couldn’t help but want to skim read pages just so that I could get to the end. It started off really good, in fact it started off very good, however it soon fell into the trap of becoming a sea of words, the pace really slowed down and I was left wondering when it would get good again. It is no mean feat to read through 700+ pages when all you want to do is scrap it and send it off to the local charity shop. I persevered but can’t help feel as though I have wasted a good few hours that I will never get back.

Terry Hayes – I Am Pilgrim

I seem to keep picking up books with what feels like thousands of pages. I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes is of no exception to this. Whilst again, a bit like The Goldfinch I found this in places hard to get through, I did find it on a whole to be much more engaging. It kept me more involved as a reader, I wanted to know what happened next. Once again this is not the typical book that I would read, however it was on my bookshelf so I felt obliged to read it. It is based around a US Spy, a super spy who takes on quite the mission in order to save mankind as we know it. I would recommend it I think to others, although be prepared for to have it bookmarked for a while, it is quite a hefty thing to get through.

On a side note, I am thinking of buying a Kindle at some point this year as I really do lack storage space for books, they take up so much room. If you have a Kindle (or other device) please do let me know what you think of them and what you would recommend.

I would also be delighted if you would follow me on Goodreads, I love to discover new reads through follower recommendations.

What are you currently reading at the moment?