A Luxury Candle Dupe

A Luxury Candle Dupe

For a long time, I have wanted to be able to treat myself to a nice, luxurious candle as I do rather love them. However, the thought of dropping just shy of £50 on one candle fills me with the upmost horror, I just can't bring myself to do it. Therefore, when I heard on the grapevine that there were supposedly dupes for the coveted Diptque candles at, you wait for it, Aldi, I was of course over there in a heartbeat.

Aldi is a bit of an odd shopping experience, I love it and religiously used it for three years whilst living away at university. It is a bit of a miss match of food, home stuff, alcohol and toiletries, however, everything barring the food and alcohol is kind of jumbled into one big section in the middle of the store in large baskets. It is hard to explain, although it made finding the candles quite the mission! Nevertheless, I found them whereby after much deliberation, I came away with a reed diffuser and two of the larger candles, each costing the sum of £4 which I think is quite the bargain to be had. They also do a little set of three mini votive candles in the three scents which are available. Currently those scents are Fig, Roses and Berries. I do think that the scent range is rather small, however for the price I don't think you can really complain about that too much. I would have liked to have seen a scent such as vanilla or something equal to that.

I have to say that out of the three scents available that Berries was my least favourite scent, in fact I didn't like that one at all which is why I opted not to get the three mini votive candles, although they did look really nice and would have been ideal for decoration if nothing else.

A Luxury Candle Dupe
A Luxury Candle Dupe

As you can see, the two scents which I chose were Fig and Roses. At the time I really liked the Fig scent (and I still do) however I feel as though I am leaning now towards favouring the Roses scent slightly more. That being said, I really like both and I am glad that I managed to pick up a couple as I am sure that I have seen it written somewhere that these are limited edition releases.

The reed diffuser is a hefty 100ml and is said to last two months, we shall see how that goes over time. It comes with two sets of reeds, traditional wood colour and black. At the moment I am using the wooden ones, although in hindsight I think the black ones would have looked better for photo purposes. I wasn't too sure how this would be in terms of being able to smell it, I haven't really had much success with reed diffusers in the past. I have to say that I am impressed with it and that I can actually smell it when I come into my room which of course is the whole idea of it. On a whole I would recommend this, I have picked up a second one already although I do wish that I had picked up the Roses version of this also.

In respect of the candles, I will advise that at the time of writing this that I have not yet lit them. It has been a bit warm recently so haven't really felt the need to be lighting candles in my bedroom, it just doesn't quite have the same effect when it is boiling and you also have a candle burning away. These candles are 160g and are the largest in the range, again, despite having two of the Fig scented products, I do prefer the Roses candle over the Fig. The Roses scent is much sweeter whereas at times I am finding the Fig to be quite sharp, it is still nice though and I do recommend checking it out along with the others.

Have you tried any of this range from Aldi?  I would be curious to see what you think of them, especially if you have used Diptque before as I am unable to really compare the two at this stage. I do have a mini votive candle from Diptique which is nice, the scent range from them is much larger than this, although you would expect that given the price point.

In a nut shell, are these a dupe for Diptque? Visually yes, the styling is definitely quite the copy albeit for a fraction of the price tag. Do they burn as well? Only time will tell.

All three of the products featured in this post were available in my local Aldi store last week at the time of writing.