Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask.

I’m really quite naughty, I’m sitting here about to write my next post when
really I should be doing my dissertation research write up…oops!

Anyhow, today I’m doing a review on the Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask as
it says in the title. Now, Botanics have recently had a package make over, as
well as with some of the products having changed. So far I’ve read their hot
cloth cleanser and the eye makeup remover are different than they were
previously.  Having read the description on
the Boots website from what I can tell the ingredients to the clay mask have changed, with the key ingredient being ‘willow bark’, whereas the older
version had ‘burdock’ in it. 

Both of these ingredients are said to purify and clarify the skin, I wonder
if the new version is as good as the old.

Old packaging of the clay mask by Botanics

I’ve had this a while now, and it’s very nearly empty, in fact it is becoming harder to squeeze out the tube so maybe it is coming to the end of its life. I can’t remember how much I purchased this for but the new version costs £6.99 (I doubt I would have paid that much, I must have bought it on offer at the time).

Wet mask!

As you all can see, the mask is very thick and dark in
colour when first applied. Is it just me, but I just love the idea of putting
thick dark goo on my face haha; it must be the child in me! There is a smell to
this mask but it is nothing horrible, just a very natural scent. Once applied
you leave the mask on for around 10-20 minutes, depending on how thick you have
put it on as it needs time to dry and go hard on your face.

Note that when applying the mask I only put it along my t-zone and on my chin as these are the problem areas. Don’t stick it around your delicate eye areas folks.

Dry mask!

Once it is dry you can see that the colour has changed, it is much lighter
than previously as well as having little cracks in it where it has dryed on my skin. The mask on your face will begin to feel much tighter as it dries.
Once the mask is completely solid on
your face and when there are no dark patches left it is time to wash it off, use
just warm water to remove the mask from your face. Once dry you will hopefully
see a difference in your skin, I know I did every time I used it.

I found that I tended to use this mask when my skin was looking quite oily
and if I felt that I had too many blackheads on my t-zone. I have to say, it
would make quite a difference to my skin, it would look so much cleaner when
compared to other masks I used which were not clay based. Overall, I think from
the many masks I have used on my face clay ones do indeed give better results.

Always remember to moisturise afterwards, especially after using clay masks as they do remove a lot of moisture from the skin.

Another great mask I use is the seaweed one from The Body Shop, this is probably better than the Botanics on in my opinion. Expect a review on that in the coming weeks.