Things I wish I hadn’t purchased #1

As a beauty fanatic I buy lots of
products, more than I probably should and well, there comes to a point when you
realise that actually, I didn’t need this, do I even really like it?

Well, that is where the thought
behind this post comes from. I have a few things lying around in my make-up
box/ nail varnish bag/ bathroom that to be honest do not float my boat. 

Today I’m showing you two nail
varnishes which I never use, and when I look back I wonder why I even got them
in the first place. I’d like to state that the products I feature in posts like
this and future ones are products that I do not personally like, some of you
out there will indeed like these so I hope I don’t offend anybody; we’re all
different after all.

Firstly here you can see one of the
Hot Looks nail polishes from Collection 2000, now just Collection. The shade is ‘Look
At Me’ and I these cost £1.99. I generally do like these polishes; they’re
cheap and cheerful and do the job. They don’t last very long but they’re great
if you change your polish quite frequently. This shade however in my opinion is
just wrong, it does nothing for me at all, I still to this day do not know why I
got it…I’ve never worn it until today when I put it on to show you in a

The second polish is by Barry M who once again I really like. These
polishes cost £2.99, with their being a huge variety of colours to choose from.
Once again, they do not have the best staying power in my opinion but they do
the job relatively well all the same. This is the shade ‘Spring Green’ which
isn’t as bad as the Collection 2000 polish, nowhere near as bad but it is still
a colour that I just cannot pull off for some reason. It is however a good
‘leaf’ colour for my nail art attempts!

Here are the polishes on my nails,
apologies for how scruffy these look!

Here I have two layers of each polish on my nails. The Collection polish I think comes out a bit more yellow than how it appears in the bottle but for me it still does nothing, it is quite an ‘ill’ colour on my nails. As for the Barry M polish, I really cannot decide, I don’t love it but I can’t say I hate it either.

What do you think?