Purity Organic Skincare

Being the little skincare addict that I’ve become
I jumped at the chance to review some products from Purity Organic Skincare a few weeks ago
whilst they were looking for beauty bloggers to review their products. I kindly received the PurityFacial Wash from the morning skincare regime and the Purity Conditioning Cleansing Lotion which is part of the evening routine.

Purity Organic Skincare is a British brand with a
sustainable and organic approach to all things beauty. The brand is EcoCert,
which is an organisation which certifies organic agricultural products, of
which Purity ingredients are 98% sourced from natural origins, as well as 82%
originating from organic farming; they’re also paraben free! I do think it is important for companies to
be making more of a conscious effort in terms of where their ingredients come
from and what is actually going into their products so for me this is a really
nice aspect of the Purity brand name.

Purity Conditioning Cleansing Lotion* and Purity Facial Wash*

Both of these products are 150ml which is quite a reasonable amount of product, especially at the cost of just £4.99. The Conditioning Cleansing Lotion I used during the evenings as my first product within my routine to take off the bulk of my make up, I have to say it did work quite well and removed the majority of my make up before my second cleanse (I swear by double cleansing). I used  this with a cotton pad which I do generally tend to avoid as I tend to only use cotton pads on my eyes as I can find it quite wasteful, however in hindsight now I’m writing this I’m sure I could have used a muslin cloth….silly me! I do think that with this a second cleanse is needed, but I’m rather into that habit now anyway.

The Facial Wash I would say was my least favourite out of two, my reason for this being is that the actual product is very runny, therefore, when squeezing it out I found that a lot of product would shoot out very quickly which led to more than I wanted being used. This was however my only issue with it as I found it to be a nice refreshing every day face wash that left my face feeling nice and clean without any tightness, which I often find can be an issue with face washes like this.

I think these are lovely products to try, especially if you’re looking into experimenting with more natural and organic products. I also think that they would be fantastic for young people just getting into a routine with looking after their skin as they’re incredibly gentle products which I think would suit young skin particularly well, as well as those with sensitive skin.

Purity are a cruelty free brand which do not test their products on animals.
*PR Sample, these products were kindly sent to me for my consideration.