My Invisalign Journey | Tray 12-16

My Invisalign Journey 

It had been a lot longer than I had first thought since I had posted an update on my current progress with Invisalign. Therefore, it was high time that I popped up with an up to date report as to how I am getting on. 

As I sit and type this I have just started tray 20 (meaning I am a little bit behind with these updates). However, I will be back with another post in a few weeks to cover trays 16-20. I personally do think that I may need a few more aligners, as there still appears to be a bit of work to be done, although I will have to see what my Orthodontist thinks at my next appointment. That being said, here is a bit of an overview over the last few months. 

My Invisalign Journey

In all honesty, there is very little I can comment on as the process is the same each day for me. I wear my Invisalign each night, take it out of a morning, have breakfast (sometimes) and then pop it back in until lunch. In terms of dental appointments, I really do not have that many as there has been little need, other than for a check-up in order to see how I am doing, and of course to carry out any reduction that may need to be done.

On the last appointment I had to be honest with my Orthodontist and say that I had not being wearing it as much as I should have been over the two weeks of tray 16, which is why we then jointly decided that I should wear that specific tray for a further week. To be honest I had no real reason as to why I had not been, I think life had been extremely busy that week and I had forgotten to wear it to work for a few days which somehow spiralled into me not wearing it much at all. 

Invisalign is a big commitment, there is no denying it. I am however back on the wagon with it so to speak and once again feel as though improvements are being made. It is however a slow process, in fact in a few month’s time I would have being undergoing the treatment for a year so in a way it has flown by and then on the other hand it has seemed to take a really long time.

My Invisalign Journey

That being said, I am super grateful that I can run through this progress with you. It will feel amazing to finally have the little attachments removed and to see a nice straight smile, although I do feel as though I am a few months away from this at the moment.

Have you thought about Invisalign? Let me know if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them.

I was given the opportunity to enter a competition to win Invisalign back in February 2015 where I am delighted to say that I won. Throughout the course of my treatment I will be writing about my journey as part of the rules of the competition. My treatment is free, courtesy of Oasis Dental Care however my opinions and my shared experience of my Invisalign journey will all be that of my own.