The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter

When it comes to moisturising my body I hold my hands up and admit that I cannot be bothered half of the time. I’m not a fan of jumping out of the bath and then slathering on the lotions or body butters because I simply want to get into my pyjamas as quick as possible, especially during the cold winter. This year however I’m trying to look after my body a bit more as I make a huge effort with my face when it comes to skincare so why not the rest of me.

A long term favourite product of mine has been The Body Shop Body Butters. If I’m ever going to be moisturising my legs, arms and everything else it will be this product that I will be using. I’m not too fussed as to which particular scent I use as so far I have really enjoyed all of the ones that I have tried. At the moment I’m currently using the Raspberry scented version which is truly incredible; it really does remind me of nice thick yoghurt. The scent is amazing and remains upon the skin after use, more importantly than that though I find that these body butters work incredibly well on my skin which can often be really quite dry. These body butters are quite thick in texture which is something I like to be honest as I’m generally not a fan of runny lotions.

There are currently quite a variety of scents available from The Body Shop which makes me super happy. Having already now tried the raspberry, mango and coconut body butters I have to say I’m really keen to give the chocomania, blueberry and vitamin e versions a try.

Dry skin conditions seem to run in my family I’ve noticed what with several members of my family suffering from dermatitis. It’s time to start taking care of my body a little bit more now, never mind just my face.