The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

After having so many products lying around the house I made the decision a
while back to put a halt on buying new stuff so that I could use up some of my
older products. Some items I found I had completely forgot about so it was just
like new anyway!

One of those items was The
Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion facial scrub. I purchased this about
six months ago along with a few other Vitamin C products. It retails at a full
price of £12 for 75ml, however with the sheer amount of offers on at The Body
Shop you’re likely to get a good deal.

The product I feel has quite a ‘gritty’ texture, the exfoliating particles
are very small but there are a lot of them!  The product also has a lovely
orange scent to it which I really do like, although, it could be a little
too strong for some people. I have the Vitamin
C Skin Reviver from the same range and I have to say I do find that a
little overpowering sometimes.

I never really thought I had dull skin, so I’m not entirely sure why I
purchased this, however after using it I can honestly say I do feel and see a
difference in my skin. It appears much brighter, as if I’ve literally removed a
top layer of old skin…gross! It doesn’t make my skin feel sore at all, as in
my opinion when rubbing it on it can feel a little rough. My skin afterwards is
refreshed, much more radiant and ready to be moisturised.

At the moment I’m pretty sure I would re-purchase this, however not at the
full price as I think the RRP for this is a little too expensive. Overall, I’m rather glad I came across this again as I really do like it!

*The Body Shop is a cruelty free brand, it is however owned by L’Oreal who conducts
testing on animals.