A visual shopping trip!

You guys will be so proud of me today! I went to Telford shopping with my mother and spent nothing, that’s right, nothing! Believe me, I wanted to buy so many things but I’m really trying to behave at the moment.

I’m going to show you four things from today that I really did like whilst out shopping, see if you like them too.

1. bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser 2. Blonde and Blonde Cable Knit Crew Jumper 3. Bank Floral Skull Print Scarf   4. River Island Pink Oriental Pink Scarf

Firstly I’m featuring a brand which I have wanted to try for a while, purely
for their make-up as it looks divine; this being bareMinerals. After browsing
the stand in Debenhams today I came across a skincare range, I was not aware
that they did skin care products so I was very intrigued. The Purifying Facial Cleanser
retails at £15 which I think is rather reasonable…if it is a good product. I
would pay that much for a cleanser as I have done in the past so I would be
willing to give this a try in the future. The products from bareMinerals are
also cruelty free so I’m able to buy things in my head freely…I’m thinking
their mineral eye shadows!

The second item I saw today is a knit jumper from Bank. Now, I have never
ever shopped in Bank before as I’m quite put off by the Paul’s Boutique stuff
therefore I tend to avoid going in. However, I braved it and walked through the
door and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as there were some great
items in store; I’ll be sure to go pop in for a quick browse in the future.
This knit jumper comes in four different colours: cream, navy, wine and teal. I
was rather torn between the wine and navy shade of which on the Bank website
neither of them look as they do in store so I chose to show you the cream
version. I expected this jumper to be verging on the side of £40 so I was quite
shocked to find out it was only £20.

Another item from Bank was the Floral Skull scarf which I really liked. I
love scarves so much as I think they can really finish off an outfit. I’ve been
after a skull one for a while now but I’ve never really found one I liked. This
cost just £10 and again, I expected prices to be higher, I’m impressed Bank!

Lastly, is probably my most favourite item I have seen all day. This is yet
again another scarf with this one being from River Island. It features an
oriental design which I adore, honestly folks, it is beautiful. I love anything
oriental so this was right up my street as it were. This costs £16 which is a
bit expensive but I’m going to be honest, I would of paid it if I hadn’t of
been being good; it is beyond beautiful! River Island do so many gorgeous
things, I had a snood from there for my birthday
which I felt was really unique; I feel the same about this scarf.

Has anybody else fallen in love with the River Island scarf? I sure have!