The Body Shop: Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance

What a gorgeous day today! With it being nice and sunny I just had to go outside and take my pictures for my post in the sun, it was too good of an opportunity to miss.

Today I’m going to write about one of my every day favourite fragrances, with this being the Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance by The Body Shop. I bought this earlier on in the year when I ran out of my previous fragrance, it was a bit of a whim purchase but I’m so pleased to say that it was a winner!

This packaging is the old one as I’ve noticed that The Body Shop has had a
re-vamp which I have to say looks great! I do prefer the new packaging so I
look forward to re-purchasing it once this runs out. It costs just £15 for 50ml
of the product which I think is brilliant for an every day fragrance. I have
had far more expensive fragrances before, for example, at the moment I have Flora
Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia which is truly gorgeous as it says however, because
of how expensive it is I refuse to use it every day.

The Cherry Blossom fragrance first caught my eye mainly because of it being Japanese
orientated; I love anything Japanese so that is honestly what made me pick it

What The Body Shop says:

“Escape to Japan with cherry blossom. Inspired by aspring day in Kyoto, this romantic, captivating eau de toilette from our Scentsof the World fragrance collection features a blend of floral and hinoki woodaccords.”

At first the smell can be quite strong, but this honestly does not last long
at all as I find it settles down into a lovely light floral scent on your skin.
It lasts quite well for a fragrance on the cheaper side of the market and I
think the packaging is lovely; I really do rate this product and as I said
before, I will definitely repurchase this.

There are many other fragrances in this range; I particularly like the look
of the Amazonian Wild Lily and Indian Night Jasmine, I look forward to trying these out in store!

*The Body Shop as well as being cruelty free also supports community trade
with the alcohol in this product being from an organic source in Ecuador.