Product use up update #2

I hope I find you all well today.
I’ve had an awful weekend for a number of reasons and to top it off I think
today I’m coming down with a cold, just great!

I feel as if I haven’t blogged
much the last few weeks, this isn’t like me at all, I feel very bad but other
things in my life have taken a priority. I should be back to normal soon
though, so thanks for sticking with me. 

Today I’m going to show you how I’m
progressing with the products I swore I would try and use up, I have to say I’m
rather pleased how I’m doing. There is now more space in my room, although I
still have a bit to go so I will take a bunch of stuff back with me to
university this weekend to continue the process.

So here we have a round up of my used up stuff! Quite a bit again I have to
say, some of which I loved whereas others I can say I wasn’t all that too keen

First up is the Champneys
Perfect pedicure intensive foot butter, of which I think this was in a gift
set from a couple of years ago at Christmas. I love using body butters, so I
presumed this would be nice on my feet, I was wrong. I did not like this at all;
it was too much like a lotion, not butter… I think there is a big difference!
I like products that are thick and moisturising; therefore this didn’t do the job for me at all.
It did however smell quite nice and it did make my feet feel soothed, it sadly was just  not very moisturising. I can only find a tub version of this online which
retails at £8, needless to say, I won’t be re-buying this.

Second on my list is the Batiste
dry shampoo in the ‘seductive and elegant lace’ version. I loved this product;
I remember when it came out how much I really wanted to try it. Before this
came out I had only used the tropical version which really was quite nice, yet
I have to say the lace version tops that by far in my opinion, the scent is
lovely. I purchased the cherry one last week as I cannot live without dry shampoo;
I’m already wishing I had re-purchased the lace version. They cost £2.99 from
Boots but they are sometimes cheaper in Bodycare for example. 

Body Shop Coconut Body Butter has also made it into my empties pile sadly,
what can I say, I just loved this product. I will most definitely be
re-purchasing some more body butters from The Body Shop. This costs £12.50
which is expensive, I’m not going to lie but oh my days are they so worth it!

The VO5 conditioner from the ‘Gloss Me
Smoothly’ range has been quite a frequent feature in my bathroom at home. I
have to say it really is a great conditioner; I wouldn’t use it if I wanted an
intense treatment but for your normal shampoo/conditioner routine I think it is
perfect. I would re-buy this again, but at the moment I cannot be sure if it is
cruelty free or not. I’m still checking this out so I will update this little
bit when I find out more.

I cannot believe a nail polish has made it to my empties, wow! Those babies
take some time to go don’t they? Here I have the Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener
all in one which I found did an ok job but I’m still looking for more from this
type of product. So therefore, I’m still on the hunt for a really good topcoat
that is cruelty free, if any of you know of any then please let me know. Barry
M polishes cost just £2.99 which I think is a fantastic price, I recently
picked up the shade ‘Raspberry’ which is a gorgeous deep red shade, perfect for

The Midnight Fantasy fragrance by Britney Spears has also been used up. This
has not taken long to use up at all as I quite liked this to be honest, it had
a nice fruit scent to it. For me this was one of those every day fragrances, it
is quite cheap to buy so I can afford to use this every day. This fragrance is most
likely not cruelty free, I cannot say for sure though as there is no where categorically
stating yes or no boooo! Prices for this do vary from place to place.

The Georgio Armani
Black Code body lotions were from a gift set a few years ago. I really didn’t
like these; the smell was not like the perfume at all and because the product
was a lotion and not in butter format it made the whole experience not a pleasant
one haha! I used up one and I’m sad to say I poured the second one away.
Georgie Armani does test on animals, so I’m quite glad to say that I didn’t
rate this product at all.

The Botanics
Clay Mask I featured back in August finally made it’s way into my empties
post, I really did like this. Read my review here
as I think it is a great mask. If you’re looking to try clay masks for the
first time then give this one a go, it is more expensive than I remember at
£6.99 but Botanics is still on offer at the moment, it also works pretty well!

Lastly is the Sanctuary Body
Scrub at a cost of £5.50 from Boots. I couldn’t make my mind up with this
product, the smell was quite nice, but I found I wanted something fruity or citrusy of which I got neither so I found that quite disappointing. The scrub
however did lather up quite nicely once in use, the particles were not as rough
as I would have liked but it did do the job relatively ok. I can say that I
won’t buy this again however as I’m far too in love with my Breakfast Scrub
from Soap and Glory.

I would like to add that the majority of products I’ve featured today are
cruelty free, there are however some that are not and some that I’m not
entirely sure about which I have stated when discussing the product. I’ve only recently gone cruelty free so there are still
products floating around in my house that are not. I really want to us them up
as I have paid for them in the past and I would literally be chucking my money
down the drain.