Topshop Haul

On Monday I popped into town to hunt
for a pair of blue jeans, I found some finally in Marks and Spencer of all
places however whilst in town I did go into Topshop.

I had a look at their vast collection
of nail polishes which I have to say I’ve pretty much fell in love with! I
already have two from the range with those being two glitter ones which are
probably my favourite glitter polishes to date. I had however not tried their
normal colour polishes so I went ahead and picked up two colours with these
being ‘Crystal Clouds’ and ‘Rainy Day’.

Crystal Clouds is from the metallic polish range therefore it cost a little
more at £6 compared to Rainy Day at £5.

I can honestly say that having used ‘Crystal Clouds’ already that the colour is
beyond beautiful once applied, I love it so much! It is a gorgeous champagne colour for
Christmas,  I urge you all to get a little bottle as a treat for yourselves. I
used two coats but I reckon you could easily get away with just one with this

The opposite however can be said for ‘Rainy Day’ which is a nice shade of
grey/purple once on but I think you need at least 2/3 coats before this looks
opaque which is slightly annoying. It is however a nice polish and I’m glad I
have it, I just find it so strange how big a difference there is between the
two; this isn’t putting me off choosing my next shade to buy though.Both polishes however have lasted well so far without chipping and that was without a topcoat.

I’m sure you can all see my monkey necklace making a cheeky appearance! I’m
in love with this at the moment; I haven’t taken it off apart from when I’m in
bed and in the shower. This was in the sale for £2.50, with the original price
being £8.50 I think.

Has anybody else had bad/good experiences with Topshop nail polishes? I want
to buy more! Any recommendations folks?