The work Christmas party!

I was recently invited by House of Fraser to publish a post about their
current dress
collection. I was very keen to do this as I do like doing posts like this
every now and then, plus after having a quick browse of the dresses on offer I
was even more persuaded as there are some beautiful ones to choose from this

I had a quick look with a theme in mind, with that being the ‘Work Christmas
Party’. Christmas is a great occasion to put together a lovely outfit, particularly
something that you wouldn’t normally wear to any old bash. I think through
having a browse through the House of Fraser Dress Collection that I have found
some lovely dresses that would suit this occasion wonderfully.

I know that it is still quite early to be posting ‘Christmas’ blog posts, however, you tell that to the retail sector!

The first one by Oasis
has to be my favourite from the whole bunch! It for me is stunning, it is so
elegant and feminine and the detail is amazing, overall I have to say I would
love to own this dress. I’m not normally a huge fan of red clothing, but this piece I could happily make an exception for.

The second dress by Jane Norman
is again beautiful; I love the little belt that comes with it as it makes your
waist appear that teeny tiny bit smaller, which is always a nice added bonus.

The third dress is by Mango, it is quite
similar to the Jane Norman design although it has no lace on the lower half of the
dress; out of the two I prefer the dress by Mango. I adore the top detail, it is really intricate which allows the lower half of the dress to be nice and simple.

The fourth dress I have chosen is by Jolie Moi, which is a brand I had never
heard of until I came to do this post. This type of dress that I have chosen is
the type I wouldn’t normally choose however I was quite taken with this, I
would like to see how it would look on.

The last dress is again by Jane
Norman, which is my favourite of her two designs I have chosen. It must be
quite popular as it is no longer available, womp womp, however I still chose to
include it as it is gorgeous! The white and black contrasting colours are lovely;
I think that this dress is incredibly elegant.