Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials

Sometimes amongst all the latest beauty releases and countless blog reviews it is easy to forget those important essential beauty items that we rely on day in and day out. This post has been long overdue on my blog so today on my day off I thought it was high time it crept its way on here. These items are not fancy by any means yet without them I would find myself running into Boots or my local supermarket to pick them up ASAP if I suddenly found myself without any of them.

First up is a simple face flannel. These come in a variety of colours so you can buy some to suit your bathroom colour scheme or simply to keep them separate to everyone else’s in your home. I chose white and have ensured that everybody else in my house has a different colour so that we all know which ones belong to which person. Face flannels such as these can be as cheap or as expensive as you like, it’s really up to you. I picked mine up Dunelm however they can be purchased pretty much anywhere, Primark, Asda and Tesco are a few places that spring to mind. I use these as an evening to help cleanse my face after using a cleansing balm as they hold in the heat much longer than a muslin cloth; they also feel nicer on my skin too.

My L’Occitane Hand Cream from the magazine last year is a fundamental product for me as I suffer from dry hands quite frequently. I’m a huge fan of these hand creams as for me they leave my skin feeling really nice and soft without leaving that horrible greasy feeling which can often leave you redundant for fifteen minutes whilst the cream sinks in to your hands.

Of an evening I use large head bands to keep my hair back whilst cleansing my face. Since I had my fringe cut back in I find that it is easily soaked whilst cleansing if it is not pinned back somehow. These head bands are super handy to use and they’re incredibly cheap to buy, they’re also handy whilst working out to keep my hair off my face.

Glass nail files are the best thing since sliced bread; I will never use one of those Emery Boards again. I picked mine up super cheap from one of those cheap make up shops you can often find, mine cost me 99p and I’ve had it now for about three years. It’s a fantastic little product and still works as if it was brand new.

Speaking of nails I find that cuticle sticks are really handy for pushing back overgrown cuticles to help to add a bit of length to the nail but also to tidy up before a manicure. Again these products are very cheap and can be found in most supermarkets so they can be picked up whilst on your weekly shop. 

Have you ever tried painting your toe nails without the odd things that are toe separators? I have and it was an epic failure. Since picking these up painting my toe nails has been a revelation, it’s a much easier process now despite it feeling rather weird having your toes spread out like that!

What are your beauty essentials?<