Amargan Hair Care

Amargan Hair Care
I realised only the other week that in all the time I have being blogging that I have hardly ever featured hair care products on here. I’m not really sure why as I like to make sure my hair looks ok like any other woman so therefore I’m going to make a conscious effort to include more hair care products in the future.

Today I will be upholding that promise by sharing my thoughts on three products from the brand Amargan. I was kindly sent some products from Amargan a number of weeks ago and
ever since then I have being trialling them to see what I think.

First of all I would like to start with the Nourishing Protein Cleanser* which is a shampoo that is free from sulphates and parabens and enriched with keretin and argan oil. I’ve being using this shampoo about twice a week as I find that if I use it every time I wash my hair which is roughly four times a week then it can be a little too much, leaving me wanting to wash my hair more. However, after reducing this down to twice a week I have noticed quite a difference in my hair, particularly in regards to how soft and shiny it has being looking. I can definitely say that this is down to this shampoo alone as I’ve being using nothing different within my hair care routine apart from trialling these new products. It leaves my hair feeling really clean without that stripped feeling which can often occur with similar products.

The shampoo itself is a rich honey colour that smells really nice; it is quite a relaxing scent to me. Once applied I found that it did lather up quite well considering it is sulphate free, this did surprise me as previous sls free shampoos I’ve tried in the past have been much harder to work with. Keretin within the shampoo helps to strengthen hair which I can’t really comment on as my hair has never been very weak to be honest; it’s nice knowing that the ingredient is within my shampoo though as extra protection is more than welcome. I have noticed the benefits of the argan oil however as my hair is so much softer and shinier which can only be down to this wonderful addition.

On days when I’m in a rush the hair dryer does comes out whereby I ensure that I apply a few pumps of the Advanced Styler into my hair, distributing it evenly whilst avoiding the roots. This product activates under heat therefore I found that once my hair was styled it helped to keep my hair in place and dramatically reduce any potential frizz after blow drying.

Next up as some of you may have noticed on Instagram I’ve recently had my hair cut a lot shorter which  has being allowing me to curl my hair so much easier now that there is considerably less of it,  the whole process is a lot less time consuming. I have been using the Ultimate Curl cream to help add definition to my hair before I curl it, applying this to damp hair, combing through and then using my hair dryer and totem styler to create the desired curls. I found that if I used too much of the curl cream in one place then it could go a little crispy however that was down to me rather than the product itself as once applied properly and indeed evenly the cream left my hair feeling soft and bouncy all whilst holding the curls in place.

Using this cream really has helped the curls stay in my hair throughout
the day which is something that used to put me off curling my hair as
they would fall out quite quickly. In fact, the whole experience of trying a few new products within my routine has opened up my eyes as to how much I did neglect my hair in terms of using different products for particular results. I’m now really interested in trying more products for my hair to see what works for me and my much shorter mop.

*PR Samples, these product was kindly sent to me for consideration.