Michael Kors vs Marc Jacobs

Pretty much since I’ve been blogging Michael
watches have been floating around. Not too often mind as they are
expensive, but more often than I would expect a watch to crop up.

Now I have to say I originally I loved the look of them, then whilst in
Edinburgh I had a look at them in the flesh as it were and I found that I wasn’t
as struck on them as I originally thought I was. To me I thought they would
look far too big on my small wrists, and therefore a little daft.

Whilst browsing watches over the last few weeks I have stumbled upon Marc Jacobs watches of which I now know I
prefer to the Michael Kors watches that I have seen. I haven’t seen any Marc Jacobs watches in the flesh yet so who knows, maybe I may get the same impression as the Michael Kors watches; they do appear to be smaller though.

Michael Kors vs Marc Jacobs

1. Michael Kors MK8096 Rose Gold Watch  £219

2. Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated Chronograph Ladies Watch  £209

3. Michael Kors ladies’ rose gold-plated bracelet watch  £165

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy 36mm  $200 (I could only find an American price for this particular watch).

5. Marc Jacobs ladies’ gold plated bracelet watch  £185

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Dexter Rose Watch  £185

I’ve gathered a small collection
of these watches, three from each designer. My favourite from the above would
have to be a choice between number 4 and number 5 with I think number 5 having
a slight edge. Whilst compiling this post I was not aware as to how many
watches by these designers there are! I’m used to seeing the same watch pretty much
so it was quite nice shopping in my head with all these watches available at my
finger tips.

I’m really planning on treating
myself once I graduate from university. I wasn’t going to as I thought it is a
lot of money really but actually I have decided that I’ve worked really hard
over these last few years, as well as holding onto my job throughout my degree.
A little self justification there but I wouldn’t like people to think I was going to just splash the cash freely, it would be a reward to myself from myself! I may yet change my mind as
graduation is just over five months away so I’m sure I may see something
else by that time. 

A lot of these Marc Jacobs watches have ‘Amy’ within the title on quite a few websites, maybe this was meant to be!