Life Lately #3

Blooming Gifts Flowers

Life, it is a funny old thing isn’t it. Over the last month or so I have being struggling with one or two things which have seemed to only escalate as the weeks have gone by. My job whilst I love it is taking its toll on me as I find the travelling to be quite tough. I catch a total of four trains a day and two buses, whereby if I happen to miss one of those it is rather long walk to the train station. Despite this I do really enjoy it, I feel valued as a team member and I honestly work with a lovely bunch of people which more than makes up for the travelling.

Just last week I also started my Invisalign journey, as in I actually now have the aligners and will have had them a week today! It is incredibly exciting and I cannot wait to share with you the first instalment next weekend (it should have been today but the photographs had turned out awful, oh the woes of rapidly fading sunlight). I will be documenting my journey for you to read from start to finish so if you are a bit curious and want to find out more about Invisalign then please do pop back for the updates.

For those that follow me on twitter it will hardly have escaped your notice that I have being watching the Rugby World Cup. I have loved every minute of it, well, maybe not the 80 minutes in which we went crashing out to Australia, yet all in all the tournament has been incredible; we sure do have home nation teams to be proud of. Hats off to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales!

Moving onto something far more personal we recently received some extremely sad news within my family in which saw us loose a vibrant and caring young man who had only just started university. It has, without a shadow of a doubt put things into perspective for me as life can be cut short within the blink of an eye. It is a thing we hear often I guess but it is true. We need to make the most of our lives and live life to our fullest; I truly intend to start doing just that. 

Despite a rather sad and thought provoking end there I wanted to look towards something positive, something which demonstrates the beauty within this world and which shows just how wonderful it is. Flowers for me are symbolic of just that whereby just this weekend I was kindly sent a bouquet from Blossoming Gifts. The Fall Bouquet* is made up of a range of flowers, my favourites of course being roses which look perfect for autumn; they truly are stunning. 

Blossoming Gifts is a lovely site which offers flower delivery so that they are delivered by post straight to your door. They have kindly offered me a discount code which will entitle you to 33% off a bouquet, just use ‘BGIFT33’ to obtain your discount, although please bear in mind that this does exclude the flowers by post range. 

Seeing as I am writing this the night before I am now heading off to catch up on Downton Abbey as I missed it last night. I find that it always gets me in the mood for Christmas as it tends to air at this time of year and don’t even get me started on the clothes that they wear, I was definitely born in the wrong era that is for sure.