The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

I’m sharing with you all today my new moisturiser that I picked up about
three weeks ago whilst The Body Shop had yet another one of their fantastic
promotions on the go. The Vitamin
E Moisture Cream was 50% off at the time…bargain! I had heard so many
good things about this product, so, aware that my No7 moisturiser was nearly
gone (in fact it is now sitting in my empties pile) I decided to take up the
offer and grab myself a little tub.

I had noticed over the last few weeks that my skin had become quite dry so I started
using this and I can honestly say I have already seen a difference, the dry
patches have vanished around my nose. It even helped to soften up the skin
around my nose where having a cold and constantly using tissues had left my
nose extremely sore and red…you got it; Rudolph had made an appearance a whole
month early!

I picked up the 50ml due to the 50% off promotion at just
£5, I think had it had not been on offer I would have picked up the smaller
version to give it a try before committing a whole £10 to the full size
version. I quite like the packaging, the pink against the black; it looks nice
on the bedside table in my opinion.

I wanted to include a little feature that I found within the packaging which
I really like. I had to hold it in my hands to get a good angle so you could
see the plastic cover protecting the product. I think this addition to the
packaging is fantastic as it saves the product going in the lid for example,
plus I think it is a bit more hygienic this way.

The actual product itself is a nice light pink colour, which I really like
as all of my other moisturisers have been white in the past, little subtle
differences are nice in my opinion. I’m a huge fan of the smell, to me it is
really light and fresh, that is the best I can do at describing it I’m afraid.
I personally think you should all check it out at your local Body Shop as it is

I use this in the morning after cleansing my face, it leaves my face lovely
and soft and smelling so nice. Generally my skin is combination to oily so I
was unsure whether this would make my skin worse but I think the cold weather
has left my skin feeling quite dehydrated with this product causing no problems
at all for me. After all, the main reason I got it was to try and get rid of
the dry patches which it has done 100%, thumbs up to Vitamin E!

Has anybody else tried this?